20 March 2016

More about Charlie

Charlie arrived with blanket, an over-washed teddy/doll/whatever, neither of which would he touch, and a couple of useless toys. I suppose the items were to make him feel at home rather than play with but I’ll never know the answer to that. I was also given a spray that would minimise his anxiety, but he plays or uses anything I’ve bought him and only occasionally shows a sign of being anxious. My view is that the blanket etc reminded him too much of the place where he was locked in a cage. Little wonder he didn’t want to know. I’ve told him people only wanted what was best for him but he doesn’t understand. Freedom is what he wanted more than anything, freedom plus someone to give him food and hugs.

We’ve had our moments but not once have I felt the urge to use the tranquillising spray.  Not even when I suffered a deep scratch in the space between thumb and finger. Ouch, it hurt, and blood flowed quite freely. I gave Charlie an immediate sharp tap from which I think he took on board that I was no pushover. We were, of course, getting used to each other’s ways which thankfully only took a couple of days. We are now firm friends.

On the third night he stayed out. Oh my goodness that was a worry ... I had broken the rules set by the RSPCA that he should NOT be let out of the house for two weeks. Two weeks? Two days was enough for both Charlie and me. There was no response to calling and all I could do was worry. I didn’t sleep much that night, but at around two o’clock in the morning I heard a pitiful cry at the back door. I don’t think I have ever moved so fast but oh the relief to see him there and in one piece, too.  You can tell my mind had run riot. The rest of the night he slept on the chair at the side of my bed and now that spot has become his nightly (when he’s in) sleeping place. To ease the situation though I have had a cat flap fitted in the outside door. It’s one way to guarantee I get some sleep.

One of the funniest sights so far was seeing Charlie running hell-for-leather after a squirrel. I didn’t know either animal could move so fast. Readers to this blog will know how hard I have tried to stop squirrels eating ALL the bird food so they will appreciate the feeling of satisfaction I had when I saw my Charlie chasing the squirrel. Go, boy, go.

Another amusing incident was the day I had some pork loin for tea. I buy cooked meat for sandwiches and this is my favourite. It starts off as a roll of pork loin coated with sea salt and black pepper, then sliced and packed. I love it. What amazed me was that Charlie loves it as well. I haven’t given him any but he tries very hard to stop me taking a bite. I usually end up laughing but I haven’t given in. I’m not sure the pork is good for a little pussy cat, even if he does like the smell, but I am of the firm opinion that he shouldn’t have ANY of MY food. If he does, it might be me needing the tranquilliser spray!


  1. Pets are great after you both train each other. I'll bet you'd be upset if he ever caught the squirrel.

  2. Oh Valerie, what a delightful post hearing more about Charlie. I was smiling all through this :)

    I too adopted one of my cats from the RSPCA, so I understand the "getting adjusted to each other period." She was a year old when I got her and was used to being both an indoor and outdoor cat. However, when I adopted her she became a totally indoor cat because of the flea situation in Florida, which is very severe for outside pets; especially cats. So, for her protection and health, I kept her inside. She lived until she was 20 years old!

    LOVE the picture of Charlie sleeping. To me there is nothing more soothing and comforting than watching a cat sleep because they always look so comfortable.

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!

    X to you and Charlie

  3. Nice Kitty! Have a wonderful Palm Sunday and Spring!

  4. Glad to hear you and Charlie are getting along famously. This makes me happy.

  5. Joeh, we are overrun by squirrels and they are a pain so I have a feeling I wouldn't be upset if Charlie got one.

  6. Good morning, Ron. Yes, cats do look beautiful when they're asleep. I don't think I would be able to keep Charlie indoors now, he is a real roamer. Sleep all day - or most of it - and off out all night. I am worrying less about his nightly excursions but not totally. Hope you have a good and fulfilling week.

  7. He sounds like he has a great personality Valerie, cute too.

  8. He is so handsome!I think you were quite right about him not needing his old toys and anxiety spray. He just needed a home, how lucky for you both :)

  9. We had our Simba for 18 year and what a joy he was... Cats can do that for you. Good luck...:)

  10. Hope you and Charlie are having a fabulous day.


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