17 November 2017


It is three weeks since I had the endoscopy (a camera inserted in the gullet). At the time, after I had been dealt with, I was told by the head technician that the result would be known in ten days. 

This was a different hospital and better than the one where the gall bladder was scanned. At that time, I was told the result on the spot and the doctor knew the next day. I too received a letter from the hospital to say no problem had been found. The doctor had the same letter and promptly phoned me up with the good news. It was then he persuaded me to consider having the camera scan to find out if anything else could be found to warrant the pain I’d been in.

This second examination had a longer wait before the verdict was known. Ten days, they said. Ten days came and went and I heard nothing except a lot of jokes that no news was good news. I got to thinking the same for a while but after three weeks elapsed I began to feel concerned. My friend nagged me to get in touch with the surgery, which I did. She has to hold my hand sometimes!

Test results and the like means ringing the doctor’s secretary so that the doctor doesn’t get interrupted in the good work he’s doing. A big exclamation mark at this point  

I decided that today was the day I stopped being a coward and ring the surgery for the result of the scan. The system at our surgery is to go through the secretary’s office for results. This I did. After much checking who I was, right down to date of birth (ugh!), she happily told me that the note attached to my record was ‘NO FURTHER ACTION’.

A welcome response, and one I was pleased to hear, but why wasn’t I told? 

The earlier medical examination had provided a result and I had been informed – twice – so why not this time. All the doc had to do was pick up the phone, or even get his secretary to do it.

I put the phone down and began to seethe, so I rang back and formally placed a complaint. I asked that the doctor rings me with an explanation. He did so after the first examination so why not now? Secretary said I should make an appointment to see him (three weeks delay there) so I said I couldn’t get there. That’s the truth. Since I got rid of my car I have to take taxis everywhere and why should I fork out when the doctor could just ring me with the news. She said she would ask him to ring me. 

Anyway, although it’s good news I still don’t know the cause of all the problems.  I guess I just keep taking the painkiller

Thanks for listening reading, folks, it did me good to write it down, removing of some of the angst.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

PS, after writing the above I had a phone call from the doctor. He was a little put out by my phone call and told me that it wasn't his job to tell me what was what as referral to hospital meant I was then their responsibility. I think he changes the rules as he goes along. It still doesn't alter the fact that nobody told me anything. However, he did let slip that a lot of tummy parts were fine. Of course, none of this reveals why I was in so much pain!!!!!


  1. The medical community is getting more and more frustrating to deal with these days. I'm sorry you don't have a satisfying explanation for your test results and I think you're right not to trust the office staff. On the good side, if they had found anything glaring I'm sure the doctor would have called you personally if for no other reason than they are covering their legal butts.

  2. I suppose since the note ‘NO FURTHER ACTION’ was attached that is exactly what they did...nothing. This is extremely frustrating and you shouldn't have to make an appointment for the Doctor to explain why they didn't contact you with your test results.

  3. NO excuse for no call, and if you still have pain, they should not stop looking for a reason.

  4. Jimmy, I have since had a phone call from the doctor (added to post) who says it is not his responsibility to give results! Apparently, once referred to hospital it is their job to notify me.

  5. So unfair, you deserved being told, they owe you an apology. Glad they found no though.

  6. Valerie, first I want to say CONGRATS on the results, I bet you feel so relieved. Yet, as you said...I wonder what was the cause of all the problems?

    Second, I would have been seething as well because all that time went by when you could have known the results instead of worrying.

    I had a similar thing happen to me when I got out the hospital two years ago for my lung issue and waited WEEKS for a nurse to call me about setting up a schedule for her to come to my home once a week to clean and change the bandages on the wound until the drain had been removed 6 weeks later. However, every time I called the hospital to find out WHO was responsible for the nurse getting in touch with me, NO ONE had an answer. Therefore, I had to clean and change the bandages myself for the 6-week duration.

    Have a grrrreat weekend, my friend!

  7. Well, that's a relief to get the results but I certainly can't blame you for being frustrated. I think people need to practice a little more empathy these days. Take care, Val, and glad you got good news even though you had to track it down.

  8. Thanks, Matt. I just hope it IS the end of all that pain.

  9. Janet, an apology would be good. I was in full praise of medics all through, but one or two have let the side down.

  10. Ron, I thought my grievance was bad enough but yours is/was disgusting. I know they're busy and short staffed in hospitals (here, anyway) but you would think they could stick to the format they are supposed to follow. You certainly had something to grouse over. I am finding it difficult to accept that a doctor can act the way mine has but I guess I will get over it. I feel like moving on to another doctor who actually cares about patients. Have a great week-end, dear friend.

  11. So pleased you are ok, Valerie, but I see your annoyance re communication is well justified . . . you must be mightily releived . . . :)

  12. My Mom used to work for a small town doctor and is used to the good old days when doctors made house calls and knew everyone in town. Medicine has become such a high tech business and lost the personal touch.

  13. Nice to see you, Eddie. I am relieved in some ways but as still have problems I would have expected some sort of positive reaction from the doctor. The way things were left, it seems I have to grin and bear it.

  14. kden, I remember those days. They were brilliant, unlike now when as you rightly say medicine has become a high tech business. I do miss my old doctor, I keep thinking he had no right to retire when I need him.... smiles. His replacement isn't so good.


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