08 February 2020


1. Got fed-up with having to go in an ‘outside’ room (conservatory) to get stuff from the fridge so my helper helped me move it to an inside room. Much better.

2. A letter telling me my car insurance was due….my response made them laugh when I told them I hadn’t driven or owned a car for four years.

3. Accepted invitation to join group that helps people living alone. What a shock to find out I had to pay highly for the privilege especially as it all happens in own home.

4. Wish I could find an easy way to make a double bed without having to walk miles round and round.

5. Colourful cats in my garden, black, white, ginger, grey, black and white, not all at once but all friendly. How unusual would it be to have them all at once?

6. A good friend wasn’t well but I didn’t know she had gone into a home. She doesn’t know people anymore, including her husband. So very sad.

7. Cottage pie for lunch today…. Oh I do love it. 

8. More problems with central heating. Guy says he will come out to sort it but doesn’t show.

9. Ladies next door are the helpful kind. Not sure what I would do without them so I hope they never move.

10. It’s awful quiet on line, where is everybody?


  1. I can answer one issue, don't make the bed at all...I won't tell. Funny how bed making is so important to some people, never mattered much to me. I am lucky that Mrs. C is not a big bed maker either.

    I agree, bloggers seem to be moving on to other things. Still a few on-line friends around, and online friends are the best, they never drop in unannounced.

    1. I'm one of those who absolutely must make the bed. I guess that's because the bedroom is right next door to the front entrance to the house. Bungalows have their faults!

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  3. It's amazing how long insurance companies keep us on their lists - even when we don't need them.
    Having to pay highly for someone to help you live alone is an outrage. I'm glad that you have some kind neighbors to depend on.

    I only have a single bed, and it's still a lot of trouble to fix - especially because it's against a wall. And every time I'm putting sheets on, one of my cats will jump on the bed and gleefully annoy me.

    It definitely has been quiet on-line. I've noticed that for quite awhile. Most of the people who've followed my blog for a very long time have now disappeared. And a few of the new ones have also vanished.

    1. I suppose the companies who hire folk to visit elderly folk need to finance things. I thought I would try the system and enjoy it so for the moment I fork out! It remains to be seen for how long!

  4. Valerie, don't you LOVE not having to pay for car insurance? Ever since moving back East to a city, I sold my car and have enjoyed every minute of it. Cars are a HUGE expense that is never-ending. I can honestly say that I never enjoyed owning a car.

    Hey, with all those cats all together in your garden, it would look very much like the garden in Ernest Hemingway's (American author) house in Key West, Florida. I took a tour once while visiting Key West and was AMAZING by how many cats lived not only outside, but inside his home. When he was alive, it was well-known how much he loved cats, so he adopted a TON of them. Before he passed away, he made sure that the cats would be well-cared for and were not to be moved from the house.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. The same thing happened to my grandfather. It was heartbreaking.

    Happy to read you have the ladies next door to help you if needed.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    1. I don't think I could cope with that many cats, one is enough, or maybe two haha.
      Ladies next door really are golden. I try not to bother them too much, though. You too have a great weekend, without the awful stormy weather we have right now.

  5. Keep on blogging Valerie. Lots of people regularly read our blogs but don't always comment. I have been too tired to write more than a couple of posts a week.

    1. I have drastically reduced the amount of blog posts I write..... I wondered if that was the reason for the drop.

  6. 1. That is a very smart idea.
    2. That’s funny. I used to get letters for my nephew (bumph as we call it) for years after he had moved out. Thankfully they stopped coming about a year ago.
    3. Very cheeky!
    4. When you find out how please let me know :)
    5. I am glad to hear they are friendly. Maybe feral and of the same litter?
    6. Yes very sad.
    7. I wish I could come over to try your Cottage Pie, I do love them.
    8. Sorry to hear that, hope your guy can fix it.
    9. They sound very nice, hope they don’t move either :)
    10. I have started taking a break on the weekends.

  7. Rethe latter, I don't blame you, Denise.

  8. I always enjoy your 'this and that's'. I suppose some day I will have to give up my car but for now we have two and pay only the minimum of insurance needed.

    1. It wasn't too bad giving up the car... I missed it at first but soon got used to it.


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