12 October 2011

Domestic Problems

My mind is not on blogging right now. The house has a water crisis (recurring) because of a problem with the main drain and currently we're waiting for someone to fix it. You know what it's like: waiting, waiting, and more waiting. When I got tired of waiting I started to scribble these few words.

The Water Board people are supposed to come and see what's wrong. The insurance people said they (the Water Board) would be round within twenty-four hours but as I type they are thirty minutes overdue. When they do come they will presumably investigate. After the investigation has been carried out the matter will be referred back to the insurance company; then someone will decide whose responsibility it is, and eventually maybe someone will get the job of solving the problem.

The insurance people coughed up last time when the main drain was blocked (they blamed tree roots) so they're probably trying to shift responsibility onto the Water Board. I've been forbidden to use dishwasher and washing machine so I shall be hiking down to the launderette before long. Guess what my mood is like!

However, I have quite enjoyed washing crocks by hand. Just think of the saving in electricity. All this has taken me back to the days when chores were an adventure, that was when there was a severe draught and we all had to save water. Where I worked the girls in the office set out to find the most economical way of saving it. Keeping a flask by the kettle was one way. If there was any hot water left over we put it in the flask and used it for something else, maybe a cup of tea or washing socks. We never threw water down the drain without stopping to think of some way of using it. We became quite inventive, as you do when needs must.

Oh well, back to the waiting game. I suppose tomorrow will be the same.

I'm on parade at WI tomorrow so my Guy will have to wait alone. I've been asked to read one of my stories to the members. Since most of my tales are better read than narrated I've chosen Fenny's Quest in the hope that a bit more ghostly action will make it more interesting.

Over the next few days I will try and visit as many of you as I can but don't be surprised if there's a lapse in posting.

Honestly, all this waiting makes me tired. Yawn!


  1. Hi Valerie,
    Sorry to hear about your situation.
    I sincerely hope that these men will show up! It often takes one problem and your whole daily life is out of whack!


  2. Oh yes......the old 'tree root in the main line' ordeal. I know it well.

    AND the 'hurry up and wait'.

    It cost us more than a tree.


    I feel for ya.
    I miss that tree.
    I don't miss the hassles of 'hurry up and wait'.

  3. Good Morning Valerie~

    I so totally know how you feel because I've had similar plumping problems in my apartment building over the past few years. One month, we had our water turned off for 8 hours THREE times. I live in a very old building, therefore the pipes are having to be replaced.

    Isn't it strange not to have running water? Makes ya feel like you're back in the caveman days - HA!

    Hopefully, these guys will show up soon and your drain problem will be resolved.

    Anyway, I hope you're having a great time at your WI meeting and that your reading is a smashing success!


  4. oh goodness...i hope that you get it fixed soon....ugh...what a head ache

  5. Poor girl, I hear ya. I'm one gal who doesn't wait well...Yep, I want everything 'yesterday'!!! Water messes can be the worst!

    I bet your story will read out loud quite magnificently!

    God bless and I sure hope the workers show up soon! :o)

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I wish I had time to write more. Things will improve, I'm sure. I think!

  7. Sorry about your problem. The old "Hurry Up and Wait" game. Good luck with all that.

  8. Sorry to hear about the water problems. Hope it is resolved soon, and have a good time at the meeting. Everyone will love your story because your stories are awesome.

  9. I feel your pain. Our air conditioner went out this afternoon. Time to call in a repair guy. Argh!


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