20 October 2011


Friday Favourite taken from a Venetian gondola

Things in a row.... for Pat

And a little rhyme I wrote sometime last year

Green light says Go

Indicate, turn right

Foot down, hurrying

Home for the night

Ball speeds towards him

Just a game

Football crazy,

Future fame?

Parents shed tears

On fragrant flowers

He wouldn’t be told

That son of ours

Who can they blame?

Who was remiss?

There should be a law

To stop upsets

Like this


  1. Hi Valerie,

    I was...
    Delighted( Venise; aaahhh.
    Amused by the colors
    Saddened by your moving poem.

    I have felt a lot just in a few minutes :))

    Have a happy Friday & weekend.

  2. Hi Valeri,i really like your post,hope you will visit mine blog too

  3. Just what I would expect from a Mixed Bag of Pick And Mix - images to delight me, words to warn me.

  4. whew...not a fun comes at you fast...i would much rather just appreciate the pretty pictures....

  5. I had a "mixed bag" of emotions with this post.

    That first photo - longing. I'd love to go to Venice! Hello bucket list!

    The second photo - happy! Made me smile with all the colors. I love kitchen gadgets and such. And I'm happy you joined in for Things in a ROw.

    And the poem made me sad. Nicely written though.

  6. Beautifully composed poem, Valerie!

    Sooooo talented you are!

    LOVE your pics too! One of these days I MUST get to Italy because every time I see a photo....I swoon!

    LOVE the colors in your second shot!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady.

    Really enjoyed this post!

    Have a super-duper weekend!


  7. Hopes for a full, good weekend for you and yours.

    Definitely a mixed bag of emotions on the post content--I'll celebrate the creative soul that you are.

  8. Enjoyed your post Valerie, and moving words. Thank you also for stopping by recently with your caring comments. Did my heart good at your kindness. Have a great weekend.

  9. Love these, and really like your poetry a lot!

  10. I was glad to read your blog today because I have been feeling blue and this made me feel a little better. Thanks Val.

  11. Hi all. When I posted this I didn't realise it was a potpourri of emotions. I like the word potpourri, I might use it again sometime.


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