07 October 2011

Ladies who Lunch

People can be so cliquey, can’t they? I recently joined the ladies section of a politically orientated luncheon club. I was a member some time ago but had to leave because of WI commitments but when I heard that the organisation had experienced a falling in members I decided to go back.

To my surprise I found that there were no more meetings, merely the occasional get-together to raise funds. Well, I thought it would do no harm to help them out so I went to a few coffee mornings with fundraising in mind. After discovering that they laid on a lunch a few times a year I decided to join in.

A few of the WI ladies also go there but they’re the older ones who live alone so it’s quite nice that they have somewhere to go and get fed at the same time. The cost of eating there isn’t very high and it does save them cooking. It’s good that they have company as well. My purpose for going was, as stated, to support the cause.

Yesterday was a luncheon day. There had been a lot of ‘see you there’ and ‘save me a seat’ comments on the preceding day so I fully expected to see a full house. Yes, there was a good gathering but it was a cliquey one. There were four tables with seating for ten people at each. Three tables were full when I arrived with one table occupied by an elderly lady. I went to join her, fully expecting more folk to arrive. None did.

I don’t know the lady very well but the two of us ate our meal and happily discussed WI and other matters. My grouse is this…. if I hadn’t turned up my lunchtime companion would have remained on her own.

What is the matter with people?

Not one of those present had the courtesy to join the poor neglected soul.

I really don’t think the organisation warrants my attendance – or my money.


  1. i feel you on this...i i always try to look for those that need someone to eat with...and when people do that it frustrates me as well...

  2. I think you made the right decision to leave this organization. They don't sound like very charitable people to me!

  3. "People can be so cliquey, can’t they?"

    Yes, I so hear you on that, Valerie!

    I just so happens that I live in a city that is VERY cliquey! Philadelphia is a very old and stuffy town; only associating with those that have lived here their whole lives, and are not very open and welcoming to new-commers. Very segregated. This is the main reason why I've never really felt comfortable in this city. The City of Brotherly Love??? I think not - HA!

    " I really don’t think the organisation warrants my attendance – or my money."

    You GO, girl! I agree!

    Have a great Saturday!


  4. Good for you, Brian.

    Pat, I reckon I will stop going there.

    Ron, Attitude belies appearance, eh? I thought Philly was an upmarket place with lots of friendly people. How people can be fooled by appearances? Hey ho!

  5. Hi Valerie - Just wanted to thank you for your well-wishes for our upcoming trip to Asia. And I'm sorry to hear about this experience! It can come as a surprise to learn this kind of behavior persists well beyond adolescence and into adulthood. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the conversation at your table, though.

  6. Bless you Valerie. Proud of you.

  7. Wow. I agree with Charissa. Though I want to believe that had you not shown up, someone would have extended an invitation.
    I'm surprised they let the two of you dine alone...That's kinda telling, huh? Sadly so.....


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