28 October 2011

Saturday Special


  1. wow...what a cool looking castles...and mountains...

  2. Gorgeous video, Valerie!

    I'm sitting here sipping my morning coffee and enjoying this SO MUCH!

    And LOVE this song from Les Mis!

    Thank you for sharing this today!

    Have a great Saturday, dear lady!


  3. I saw Les Mis with my daughter years ago. It was a bit too sad for me, but she and my husband love it and all the music too! He's even learning to play a couple of the songs on his piano.

    Castles... ahhhh! As you know from the challenge posts I did, I would love to explore them. Maybe someday...

  4. Ron, I hoped everyone would like the vid as much as I do. I found Castle in the Clouds quite restful.

  5. CrystalChick, I would like to explore that particular castle... and maybe dream a bit in the clouds.

  6. So beautiful Valerie and the singing just added to the charm.


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