13 October 2011

Thursday's singles

Players first view of the football pitch
(taken by my visitors from Australia)
You might be interested to know that the Water Board did not show up. That's two days waiting!
I'm no longer tired of waiting .... I'm seething!
I hereby name and shame SEVERN TRENT


Mel said... that's a cool angle and the colours are lovely.

Still waiting?

Yeah--that hurry up and wait jazz sucks. Sounds like a trip to visit the shamed one might be in order. And it's the weekend.
OH boy.......

Barb said...

Interesting photograph! The perspective & colors are attractive.

Boo on the water company(I had to google; an outisder I am). I sincerely hope that this gets cleared up soon.

Brian Miller said...

ugh....sorry they did not show...

the pic is great...i feel the anxious energy of waiting to burst onto the field...

Don't unplug your hub said...

Oh Valerie, you didn't really expect them to turn up, did you?

Montanagirl said...

I like this. Very nice angle and perspective.

An English Shepherd said...

Thats a poor show, well not a poor show... I am sure you know what I mean ! ;-)

Ron said...

GREAT shot, Valerie!


And Mel took the words right out of my mouth...COOL angle!

OMG...I would be seething too! I CANNOT believe they still haven't showed up!?!?


Anyway, try and have a nice weekend, dear lady!

Sending ya some positive energy....

((((( Valerie )))))


Valerie said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. It's now three days waiting... I can't see the water board coming over the weekend.