29 October 2011

Sunday Scene

The River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland, which I believe was not excessively flooded during the recent heavy rainfall that flooded the Dublin area. The problems came from other, smaller rivers.


Brian Miller said...

happy halloween ma'am. i love a good walk by the river..

Akelamalu said...

Oh I've walked over that Bridge! Love Dublin. :)

Ron said...

Beautiful capture, Valerie!

Especially love the gray, cloudy sky.

This photo reminds me of my time spent in Amsterdam, with all the lovely canals.

Thank you for sharing, dear lady.

And a Happy Halloween to you!


Count Ron

Pat said...

An overcast day in the city of Dublin!

You are one sexy with, Val!

Valerie said...

So do I, Brian

Pearl, It was a grey day when we walked over. I love Dublin too.

Count Ron, Ah, yes, Amsterdam ... and evening dinner whilst sailing along the canals.

Pat, why thank you...grins.

Mel said...



Lovely capture, ma'am. Looks like a nice place for a sit and stare.

faye said...

a nice bridge to do a little people watching....

Happy Halloween ... chocolate please !!

HermanTurnip said...

Beautiful pic, even if it was an overcast day! :-)

I'd reciprocate with a picture of a downtown alley or a bland photo of the suburbs, but that wouldn't be of the same caliber as yours.

Curse you and your amazing surrounds! ;-)