17 October 2011

What is it?... answer

And the winner is
Yes, it was the bottom of an Evian bottle. I must admit it looked more like a doorknob to me.


Talking of water, here's an update on the domestic problem... the Water Board called YESTERDAY, a week late but they came anyway. Now they have said the blockage is not their problem and the matter has been referred back to the insurance company. They in turn have contacted another company who are due to come out TOMORROW to do the work. Naturally, seeing is believing, but I have more faith in this latest arrangement.

I moaned about Severn Trent Water Board on Twitter and got a response from them. The tweeter was keen to find out what was going on and rectify it .... unfortunately I didn't get that response for a few days ... my fault for not looking in.

My apologies to Faye for not preparing a Monday Mirth. I wasn't in the right mood for searching YouTube.


  1. makes sense now. Dealing with utility companies are a pain, they seem to work to their own time frame.

    I also agree with "I'll believe it when I see it," comment, had that happen to me a lot!!

    Gill in Canada

  2. I would never have guessed that was a bottle of water!

    Hope you get your water problems sorted soon. ;)

  3. being honest i was holding a water bottle when i saw the pic so it was easy for me...ugh on all the headaches...just fix it someone!

  4. Hi Gill. I think I had 'water on the brain' when I took that picture. I must pop across and see you... I seem to have lost a lot of names from my blog roll.

  5. Pearl, thanks for your comment. It's good to see you back again.

  6. Hey Brian, no wonder you were quick of the mark with the answer. You were so quick I had to hold back your comment until more came in. Lesson learned!

  7. Way to GO, Brian!

    I would have never guessed?!

    Great "What is it", Valerie! TOTALLY thought it was a door knob.

    So glad to hear the water company at least contacted you. Hopefully now, the problem will get fixed.

    Sending you 'good vibes' dear lady!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!


  8. Ron, I thought it was a door knob and I took the picture....grins. I'll update the water drainage situation as and when there's a change.

  9. OOh I thought it was a yo-yo!

  10. It looked so obvious as a water bottle once you said the answer!

    I hope you get your water problems solved. Sounds like a lot of red tape!

  11. Funny, but I kind of thought 'door knob' when I saw that. Good luck with the water problem.

  12. I was totally stumped.... a water bottle never came to mind.

    I can understand why you were not feeling so mirth-full

    Here's to a better week !!

  13. Argh! Man...I was *totally* fooled! I found myself thinking about your photo today as I wandered around the cubicles at work. Thanks for driving me crazy! ;-)

  14. Hopefully you are one step closer to getting your water problem solved. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be waiting on others to solve a problem.

  15. I am so glad that this whole affair is going to advance now.
    It is time!

    That is fitting to have put a bottle of water. Who would have guessed? :)

  16. That can be very frustrating.

    A very good choice for the picture game. I love it!


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