15 June 2012

Book Review

Harlan Coben, another best selling, crime writing American author who has become one of my firm favourites. A former series starring the imposing creation by the name of Myron Bolitar was enjoyable but I find his stand-alone books much more so. The Woods was a particular favourite and this one, The Innocent, has joined a rank position.

The main character, Matt Hunter, once served a four year prison sentence after a fight ended with his opponent cracking his skull but he manages to live a respectable life with a good job and a lovely wife. But things start to go wrong when he receives a photo on his camera phone that is destined to change his life. Everything he has worked for is threatened and he suddenly cannot trust anyone, least of all his loved ones. 

The Innocent is loaded with tension which demands that the reader keeps reading. The scene shifting is fluent, the characters utterly believable, and the thickening plot only unravelled at the very end.


Daily Express quoted Harlan Coben as being ‘One of the most sheerly entertaining and accomplished writers in the genre.’

The Daily Telegraph says ‘Harlan Coben has made his intention clear: he wants to fool his readers. And he makes a good job of doing so in The Innocent. The enjoyable intricate plot takes several turns before we are fooled for the last time and the villains and motive are revealed. A book to read in one gulp!’

The Times says ’Coben’s electrifying New Jersey based thriller plays games with notions of innocence and guilt. Adding to the enjoyment of this slickly crafted tale is the sharpness of the dialogue and the satisfying realism of the descriptive writing.’


  1. harlan coben is a great old boss introed me to his books years back, getting me one for FIL reads as well and often passes me the books...

  2. Sounds like a wonderful read! (I'm back after 10 days in Alaska, so am hoping to catch up on my commenting!)

  3. I've just finished another Coben one, Brian. 'Caught' ... another tension filled book that keeps me reading.

  4. Excellent book review, Valerie!

    OMG...this sounds like one of those nail biting and suspenseful page turning books!

    I may have to check it out for a book I will take on my trip in two weeks.

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Have a glorious weekend!


    P.S. your weather looks very similar to what we're having here in Philadelphia. Lots of rain.

  5. Ron, if you like crime fiction you will like this book. Ooooh I hope it stops raining for your vacation. We just had an awful storm and torrential rain, lots of flooding here too.

  6. It sounds like a very interesting book Valerie, one I will add to my reading list, thank you. Right now I am reading one of the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George. I get hooked on a series of books where they use the same character all the time and if it's really good I find myself wanted to read the whole series.

  7. Wow. This sounds like an excellent book and I will have to pass this along the book reader in the family because she likes this genre. Thanks Val. Have a good one.

  8. Uh oh.....I'll have to pass this one to the one who reads stuff like that! He's reading La Carre (?) for the third (I think....) time..LOL...seems he likes the way the man writes. Maybe he could have a go at this one!


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