28 June 2012

Meet Goldie

The other day, when I was sorting out a drawer full of photographs, I came across some pictures of our first Labrador, dear old Goldie. There were a few pics that had escaped being included in my computer's photograph file when a new laptop refused to recognise the scanner. To overcome the problem I photographed the photographs just to see how they would turn out. I had to angle the camera (iPhone) so that the picture was at the top of the screen and any flashes only showed up at the bottom of the end result. When that was done I emailed the pictures to myself and then proceeded to crop them, thereby cropping out the flash light. I ended up with smaller but still good photographs for my file. Earlier I had tried the same thing using the Nikon camera but wasn't able to be as selective with the shots. iPhones certainly excel in some situations. Here are the results of the exercise.

This is Goldie and Blaze with my son's Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I'm not sure who won!

Goldie and hubs on a beach somewhere

Me (honest) telling Goldie he was going on the train, and him saying 'That's what you think!'

Goldie and his play ring. We kept throwing it into the sea so he would go in to fetch it back

Tired out but still handsome ... this is one of my favourite pics of him

Goodness only knows what was going on here ... Blaze seems more interested in what was on television!


  1. lol...too cute that last did he get on the train? looks like a beautiful pups...

  2. Ingenious way to get the photos onto your computer!

    Love the pics. Goldie was gorgeous.

  3. Such a clever idea Valerie, your photos turned out great. Loved these. We had a golden years ago and I still have very fond memories of him. They have such beautiful personalities.

  4. These are great "memory" shots. Your commentary always makes me smile!

  5. Valerie, these photos came out GREAT!!!!

    Clever lady you are to figure out how to get the photos onto you computer. I love what you did with the editing!

    And what a sweet guy Goldie was. Labs are THE most lovable-looking dogs. I just want to HUG them!

    Btw, I have a Nikon camera too and love it!

    Have a terrific Thursday, dear lady!


  6. Thanks, Pearl. Where there's a will there's away.

    I agree, Denise. Labs are so loveable.

    I'm glad I make you smile, Mona.

    Ron, Like I said to Pearl, where there's a will there's a way. I keep at things until I find a way to do them.

  7. Such cute doggies and I like their antics!

  8. Well aren't YOU a clever one! And isn't Goldie just adorable and obviously well loved.
    I bet you miss the dickens outta that pup.

  9. Heh...awesome photos! Let's hear it for our pets, for without them we would surely be diminished.

  10. great job using your Iphone camera..
    glad you were able to save the photos.. such wonderful memories for you.


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