25 June 2012

Monday Mirth

Sorry, it's John Bishop again. You will be thinking he's the only comedian on YouTube. Finding suitable videos to suit all tastes is becoming quite difficult ... if I don't find different comics soon I might have to terminate the Monday Mirth. 

The boss was making a speech to one of his workers on the occasion of his retirement. 'As a symbol of gratitude, we have created this special gold watch to serve as a reminder of your many years with our company. It needs a lot of winding up, is always a little late, and every day at a quarter to five it stops working.'


  1. Never get tired of John Bishop, he's great!

  2. smiles...i have def grown in appreciation of him by watching his here...happy monday val

  3. I love in the video when John said, "Men live in two worlds; here in the real world, and then the one in their head." That is hysterical!

    The watch joke is funny!

  4. Pearl, I do too, trouble is JBs videos are running out. No doubt there will be more to come ... as and when.

    Brian, happy Monday to you, too. Glad you liked JB.

  5. Actually, I really like John Bishops' sense of humor, and had it not been for YOU, I would have never discovered him, Valerie. So thanks!

    LOVED the joke!!!

    "..., and every day at a quarter to five it stops working."


    Thanks for the great Monday morning laughs, dear lady. I look forward to them!

    Have a marvi Monday.....X

  6. Ron, I like him too... he really makes me laugh. Anyone who does that is favourite. Nothing like a good giggle, eh?

  7. I love your Monday Mirth's Valerie. Do hope you keep it. I know it's hard to cater to everyone's humor but oh my, it gives me such a chuckle. Enjoyed the joke too.

  8. Smiling (again!) Thanks, Val.

  9. Oi! No need to apologize! John Bishop rocks. I can totally relate to the guy, and would love to see him live someday. Hilarious!


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