01 June 2012


This is the video I told you about, the one I made as a keepsake for my friend's birthday. I didn't show it before because I thought the music was breaking copyright laws. Apparently it's not quite as serious as that. The video is a bit on the long side so feel free to skim through some of the pictures.


  1. Excellent Valerie. I would not have a clue how to do this. A lovely gift for Judy.

  2. Great video and what a lovely keepsake for Judy.

  3. Thanks, Pearl. I put the video on a disc for Judy so she can look at it anytime.

  4. Love the windows, the decor, the food, the landscape. What a beautiful gift to make this video. Judy must love it!!

  5. Woot! Woot!

    Well done, Valerie! I love how you edited this video and the music is perfect!

    Great photos. Especially enjoyed the ones of the freesia, the pond with lily pads and fishies, and the ducks!

    Very, very nice! I bet Judy LOVED seeing this!

    Have a glorious weekend, dear lady!


  6. I watched and loved all the video. What a lovely friend you are. Happy Birthday Judy and you look wonderful, never would of thought you were 80......:-)Hugs

  7. Ron, I'm glad you liked it. Do you think I'll eventually master the programme? Judy did like it and she has a copy so she can look back and remember her day.

    Bernie, I told Judy that and she laughed... somehow I don't think she believed me.

  8. Looks like a lovely day and a great way to celebrate your friend's birthday.


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