31 May 2012

Get Well Soon

With so many people suffering from 'summer' colds I thought I'd re-post this little poem

I was so very sorry
You were feeling rather ill
I wondered, yes I wondered
Did it help to take a pill

You needed a dose of TLC
Once you’d taken to your bed
The formula was guaranteed  
To ease a pounding head

Also you would find enclosed
An additional provision
A hug that I’d created
To beget a fast remission

I fashioned it with sympathy
Coloured with affection
Adding reassurance
To cope with an injection

I took a crumb of wisdom
To include inside the mixture
To make it known that hereonin
Your illness was not a fixture

So hurry now and get well soon
I’ve been so very troubled.
It felt as if you’d gone astray
And missing you had doubled


(Hee, hee, now you know I’m rubbish at this poetry caper)


  1. Actually today I do feel a bit rough Valerie, so thank you :)

  2. Very nice poem Valerie, and good to know that at least one person understands just how bad the 'man flu' I get really is!

  3. haha not rubbish at all...i enjoyed it...luckily i dont need it right now but i will hang on for when i do...smiles...

  4. I liked the poem. My son as a cold and just can't seem to kick it. It was nice reading the poem, Thank you!

  5. "now you know I’m rubbish at this poetry caper."

    No you're not, Valerie, this poem is sooooooo clever!!!

    There was a time when I a kid, that I was obsessed with both writing and memorizing poetry. I would walk around the house reciting, "Paul Reveres's Ride." Drove my mother INSANE - HA!

    Have a wonderful day, dear lady!


  6. You're great at poetry Valerie!

  7. You have man flu, John? Hope you didn't leave any germs behind.

    Compared to yours, Brian, the poem IS rubbish. You're welcome to hang on to it....smiles.

    Thanks, Kelly. Glad you liked the doggy stories, too.

    Your welcome, Jenny, hope you feel better soon.

  8. Ooooh, Ron, poetry doesn't come easy for me. I get grey hairs trying to write it. Your poor mom, she had a lot to put up with....grins.

    Did you get my late comment on your blog?

  9. Far from being rubbish, I thought it was a lovely poem and I liked the card too. I should send this to my sister-in-law, she came down with a real nasty cold after a long plane flight.

  10. I dunno, Hallmark would pay a pretty penny for that :-)

  11. Thank you Val. I have been dealing with a sinus infection for more than a month now so I will take any help I can get. Have a good one.

  12. Not really, Pearl, it's hard work for me, but thank you for saying so.

  13. Well, I think you get points for having the courage to try!

    And it sounds like Mr. Shife needs one of those cards--the poor thing....

  14. Thanks Val...
    I feel better already !!


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