10 May 2012


Having moaned recently about the updated Windows Movie Maker I decided to persevere. I took some pictures of Lake Bled in Slovenia and played around with the Movie Maker until I felt I was beginning to understand it. This is the result.

Moving on. I then gathered pictures of the day out with friend Judy and compiled a video she could keep as a reminder of her birthday.

On the ones I’d done before I included music provided by Windows. It was simple. Add music, it said, so I did. Press here, it said, so I did. There were three tunes to choose from, one was used on the first video I tried (and recently posted) and another one that you hear on this compilation of Lake Bled pictures. The third tune I used for Judy’s keepsake.

The result of the whole thing was quite good. The pictures were in the right place and the captions worked well. I was able to twist the captions so that they ran down the side instead of across the pictures, a pleasing end result.

When I was thoroughly satisfied with the whole thing I pressed the Add Music button. No problem. It was regulated (not by me) to fit the whole video. Dead chuffed, I was, so I posted it to YouTube and vowed to show it on the blog.

However, I soon received an email from YouTube to say that the music broke copyright laws. The other tunes hadn’t, so why this one?

So after hours of working on the video I found I couldn’t do anything with it. Don’t you think it’s bad of Windows to include music that is copyrighted? They should at least warn people about it. It wasn’t much of a tune, either, more of a continuous beat. 


  1. ugh...that stinks on windows...but i really like the vids you take...really beautiful pics....

  2. First, I think your video turned out FLAWLESS, Valerie!

    Well done!

    Second, every time I make a video and use ANY music, I ALWAYS get the same email from You Tube saying the same as the one you got. I think it's just a precautionary thing they do for ANY kind of music used on videos (unless of course it's music and that you created yourself). The emails I got from You Tube also stated that I didn't need to do anything about it, like, remove it. So, I just kept it as is.

    Have a great Thursday, dear lady!

    Again...loved your video!


  3. Brian, thank you for your encouragement. I will have another go.

    Ron, whooopeee ... that IS interesting about the warning. In that case I can post the one I withdrew. Thanks for telling me. I feel better now.

  4. I really like this video. Beautiful photos!!

  5. Lovely pics in your video. I really like that castle on its own little island!

  6. That is *awesome*! Loved the music. And man, what I wouldn't give to be in Slovenia right about now. Looks like a beautiful place! Must add this to my list of places to visit someday :-)

  7. Well done on the video Valerie, it's great.


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