11 May 2012


Animals who…..
  1. jump up uninvited
  2. bite
  3. snarl.

Call centres

Drivers who.....

  1. fail to indicate
  2. cut corners
  3. ignore speed warning systems
  4. ignore highway code
  5. cut in without warning
  6. cross traffic lights on red

Failed technology
Guy Fawkes Night
Hard selling
Instant messages
Joy riders
Keep fit fanatics
Lingering goodbyes

People who
  1. shout
  2. don’t hold doors for person behind
  3. allow toddlers to scream
  4. have no manners
  5. can’t control animals
Public lavatories with
  1. small cubicles; no room to move or sit
  2. grubby sinks and toilet pans
  3. defunct water taps
  4. overlarge waste bins taking up valuable space
Queue jumpers
Road rage

Shop assistants chatting to customers when there’s a queue
Telephone calls for…..
  1. advertising
  2. research
  3. surveys
Unhelpful Internet providers
Widgets that don’t work


Akelamalu said...

I can empathise with most of those Valerie. ;)

Brian Miller said...

ha i feel you on most of these, esp the ones that are rude or involve a phone call to sell me something...

Valerie said...

Pearl, I think I'd better do a 'like' list before I get too depressed...grins.

Brian, if I start on about phone calls I'll never stop...smiles.

CrystalChick said...

Ooh, I love Halloween and oranges.
And joy riding in the way of just riding around, not going anywhere in particular. I do that with hubby sometimes. It's fun to drive around the city and look at the big buildings, etc. But not joyriding, the crime, where stealing a car is involved. ;)

I think I can agree with most of the rest of your list.

Ron said...

LOVE your list, Valerie!

And there SO MANY of these that I must agree with you on!

"Call centres"

OMG...I get about FIVE of these a day, which is WHY I check my caller ID before answering the phone. If I don't recognize the number, I won't pick up the phone.

"Public lavatories with small cubicles; no room to move or sit grubby sinks and toilet pans defunct water taps overlarge waste bins taking up valuable space."


Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady!


Valerie said...

Ron, we get calls every day, sometimes in the evening and early morning. I get so frustrated with them.

Valerie said...
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Mr. Shife said...

Well that is a list, and it finally dawned on me around T that this was an A-Z list. I am so perceptive sometimes. I hope nobody on your list crosses your path any time soon. Have a good one, Val.