07 May 2012

Monday Mirth


 Amazing how your values change as you age! 

An elderly lady was standing at the railing of the cruise ship holding her hat tight so that it would not blow away in the wind. A gentleman approached her and said: “Pardon me, madam...I do not intend to be forward but did you know that your dress is blowing up in this high wind?" 
"Yes, I know," said the lady. "I need both my hands to hold onto this hat." 
"But madam, you must know that you are not wearing any knickers and you are a bit exposed!" said the gentleman in earnest. 
The woman looked down, then back up at the man and replied: "Sir, anything you see down there is 75 years old. I bought this hat yesterday." 


  1. LOLOL

    What a great start to my Monday!

  2. LOL of course the new hat is the most important thing!

  3. haha.that old lady is def funny....smiles.

  4. Pearl, heehee I never wear a hat!

    Thanks, Brian. She made me laugh too.

  5. Valerie, great post!

    And that one about the new hat made me HOWL! HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Thanks for the great Monday morning laughs, dear lady!

    Have a super day!


  6. Glad it made you laugh, Ron..... smiles.

  7. That was definitely a two snort
    laugh !! Good one Val !!

  8. Wahahaha! This guy's great. Question though....what's a "chippy"? Inquiring minds need to know...


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