18 May 2012

Friday Favourites

I like the spaciousness of this picture with a hint of activity on the right


  1. loving me some wide open spaces.....smiles...cant wait to go on vacation in july....

  2. Oh--very nice. It's the lines and allure of what's not seen that makes the shot for me!

    There's a beach behind there...and water and trees and volleyball courts!
    k....maybe not volleyball courts. LOL

  3. Nice, Brian. Going somewhere scenic and warm?

  4. I like it too! Nicely composed.

  5. VERY nice capture, Valerie!

    Your composition is awesome!

    I like looking at photos that have an almost 'off center' look to them. It makes a photo interesting.

    I'll be heading to Florida at the end of next month, so this photo has got me eagerly anticipating my trip!

    Well done, dear lady!

    Happy Friday to ya!


  6. Good morning, Ron. I agree with you, positioning of the subject is an important aspect. I didn't intend those people to be shoved too far to the side, but it worked. Oooh Florida, I wish we'd made it there.


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