26 May 2012

Saturday Special

I found this video of Sutton Park on YouTube. Forgive me for keeping on about it but it really is a hallmark place and I am proud to live so close to it. It has always been part of my life, I played and swam there as a kid, courted there as a teenager, shared with husband and child, and walked the dogs day in, day out. 


  1. wow with all your memories attached i feel like i am watching an old family is a special place...

  2. "it really is a hallmark place and I am proud to live so close to it."

    And you should be proud, Valerie, because it's such a lovely place!

    I too feel that way about certain places I've either lived or visited. I feel that way about Japan. Such a lovely country. I lived there for two months and felt as though I had lived there all my life.

    Thanks for sharing the video, dear lady. Really enjoyed!

    Have a great Saturday!


  3. Val, this is a great video! I love the Swans...gorgeous! Are people allowed to feed the birds there?

  4. It's a lovely place Valerie, I would be there all the time if I lived there, and having grown up nearby I can see why it would be such a special place.

  5. It SHOULD be a family video, Brian... smiles

  6. Hey Ron, I am envious that you have actually lived in Japan. How marvellous.

    Hope you have a great Memorial Day.

  7. Thanks for sharing the video. It looks like a beautiful place. We all should have a place like Sutton Park to go and relax.

  8. What a gorgeous place to have formed such memories....And what a wonderful video. My goodness that tree must have been around for a long time--and the grasses and hedges....beautiful. I wonder how springtime colours it....

  9. The swans are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this special piece of wonderful "you" :) I enjoyed it very much.


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