19 May 2012

Saturday Special

This video of Serene Sorrento makes me long to be back in Italy, enjoying the warm climate and the friendliness of the Italian people. It was my favourite holiday place and the one that formed the basis of many of my stories.


Brian Miller said...

this was very cool...i loved all the views and it is def somewhere i would love to visit you know....happy saturday valerie

Ron said...

Valerie, I can't thank you enough for sharing this very interesting and enjoyable video clip today.

I LOVED watching it and hearing their Italian accents!

I use to work with an Italian woman here in Philly who was originally from Sorrento, so it was really cool to see where she lived.

One of these days I must get myself to Italy. My fear though, is that if I go, I'll never want to come back to the States - HA!

Again, thank you for sharing this, dear lady!

Hope you're enjoying a lovely Saturday!

Ciao! X

Valerie said...

Brian, it is a truly lovely place. Wish I was there now.

Ron, I KNEW you would enjoy this video. You should go some day, a holiday means you always go back to your real home.

Montanagirl said...

Val - cool video! That was one HUGE lemon!