27 May 2012

Sunday Scene

This shot at Warwick Castle was taken by my stepdaughter's partner. I like the angles of the building and I'd love to home in on the couple walking towards it. Wonder what they were talking about... smiles.


  1. We'll never know what they were talking about, but it is a bird's eye view! Nice photo, Val.

  2. ooo i would love to be exploring that...i love castles....very cool shot...

  3. Valerie, this shot is truly spectacular!

    I enlarged it so that I could see the detail.

    WOW! I almost look panoramic!

    I love how you captured the two people walking along the wall walkway.

    Well done!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Happy Sunday....X

  4. Great shot..
    I am always afraid I will drop something when I am up that high.

    Hope the weekend is going well...
    Happy Memorial Day !!

  5. Brian, you should come over here, we've got plenty of castles.

    Ron, not my doing I'm afraid. I'm sure if I'd taken the picture it wouldn't have been as clear.

  6. Hi Valerie,

    What a fabulous shot! I always liked higher places that give you this type of bird' eye view.

    Have a nice Monday and all the best to you.

  7. Thanks, Pearl. Not mine though.

    Barbara, I must admit I like looking down at things.

  8. Great perspective of this shot! Looks like it's from a movie!

  9. Wow.......I'm sorry I missed this yesterday and glad I caught it today! What a fantastic shot at an awesome angle.

    Thank the photographer for us!!


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