30 June 2012

Random pics

I forgot to prepare a Saturday blog so I rushed these pics on. All except one were selected at random. 

You might detect that this picture of the cat is actually a completed iPad jigsaw

 a framed picture of the pieris in my garden

a photograph turned into a sketch, showing a friend dancing

The lounge, when sketched, looks a bit barren

The animal here is practising yoga

It was all a bit rushy, wasn't it? 
Wishing you a fabulous weekend. I will try and ignore the rain which, incidentally has created a record. It's been the wettest June since records began in 1910. 


  1. your 'random' pics are great..

    the has stopped here and now it is
    terribly hot... staying indoors today
    and absorbing the cool air... it feels
    good on my sunburn ( from mowing yesterday )

    enjoy the remainder of the weekend.!!

  2. ha i like the sketch...and that pic of the cat is priceless....smiles.

  3. Brian, it's amazing what the iPad can do, turning photos into sketches, jigsaws... it's great.

  4. Great photo share, Valerie!

    Love the one of you dancing! That is YOU, isn't it?

    VERY cool 'sketch' effect!

    Well, it's not raining here but the heat is ruthless. It's actually a bit cooler in Florida, so I can't wait to get there on Monday.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear lady!


  5. Not me, Ron. I was the one taking pictures. The lady in question is a WI colleague.

    I heard about your extreme heat, bet you are praying for some winter cold. You can have our coolness if you like.

    Enjoy Florida and being with the family.

  6. I liked your pictures. The cat looks so very happy as only cats and dogs can. Little snatches of your life which make you happy to remember and me happy to read :)

  7. Love the sketches. I'm sick of the rain, it's hard to believe it's July. :(


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