09 June 2012

Saturday Special

There are some things I wouldn't let a cat get near, but there are some funny escapades to see on this video


  1. hahaha awww...these are so cat tried that crawl up the leg trick the other day...until i screamed and well it was not fun and i may still need

  2. Bwhahahahahahahaha!

    Faaaaaaaaabulous video, Valerie!!!

    I loved the part when the cat allowed the toy car to just run over it without any concern or worry. Also, when the cat chased the BEAR!!!!

    Aren't cats a RIOT? Meow!

    Have a great Saturday, dear lady!


  3. Oh dear, Brian, my timing was all wrong... hope the stitches don't

  4. Good afternoon, Ron, I KNEW you would appreciate this video. When I saw it I remembered my cat. bless her, long gone now. Sigh.


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