09 June 2012

Saturday Special

There are some things I wouldn't let a cat get near, but there are some funny escapades to see on this video


Brian Miller said...

hahaha awww...these are so cat tried that crawl up the leg trick the other day...until i screamed and well it was not fun and i may still need

Ron said...


Faaaaaaaaabulous video, Valerie!!!

I loved the part when the cat allowed the toy car to just run over it without any concern or worry. Also, when the cat chased the BEAR!!!!

Aren't cats a RIOT? Meow!

Have a great Saturday, dear lady!


Valerie said...

Oh dear, Brian, my timing was all wrong... hope the stitches don't

Valerie said...

Good afternoon, Ron, I KNEW you would appreciate this video. When I saw it I remembered my cat. bless her, long gone now. Sigh.