16 June 2012

Love in the Garden

Aaah love in the garden. I should have video'd these woodpigeons and might have done if I had time. Couldn't even go outside to photograph the love birds. Along the wall they went, billing and cooing, then settled down for a bit of necking. 

He dared to get closer

but by then she'd had enough and walked away

The pictures were taken before the rains came. And now we've a severe storm heading our way I guess the birds will be sheltering in the trees instead of prancing up and down my wall.

It's great to watch the birds courting and I'm looking forward to seeing the dunnocks 'at it'. They come every year, to the same spot on the patio, only they 'do it' on the floor. They don't seem to mind that I watch their every move. 

According to old theories dunnocks are shy birds, or they were before they cottoned on to the fact that shy birds miss out at feeding time. No longer do they eat the food cast out of a feeder by coal tits and others, the ground being a sort of poor man's table. Instead they come in pairs to get in first, one eating and the other on guard watching out for possible intrusions. My lot are boisterous and greedy, one of them even had the nerve to challenge a bossy robin who thought he had sole rights to the food on offer that day.

Let me tell you about their sex lives. I know I shouldn't gossip but, hey, I don't think anyone will tell on me. I am what they call a voyeur and I don't hide the fact from the dunnocks. The following event isn't a one off, it has happened outside two of my houses over several years.

For some reason dunnocks like to have sex near the house, always in a corner by the patio window near the wall (see above). Forgetting that humans occasionally like to watch a little sex the dunnocks go at it like frenzied ... erm ... birds. I've never seen other birds getting down to it but I imagine they all adopt the same method.

First time I saw it, I thought the male was attacking his mate with his beak, repeatedly jabbing it at her rear while she shivered with ecstasy. Thinking she needed saving I was all for going outside to shoo them off but then I saw Mr D lift his wings and jump at his missus, one quick jab with whatever it is he uses to fertilise, and then fly off. That was it, all over, quick as a flash! Only then did I realise that all that stabbing was foreplay. Oh boy, I'd hate to be a bird ... Hmm all that jabbing...


  1. Cute shots of the Lovebirds Valerie. Our doves are quite funny to watch at times, usually when one is chasing the other at 90 miles an hour.

  2. quick jab does not sound like he is taking care of her needs you know...smiles.

  3. LOLOL

    Well--There's a couple of things that I don't indulge in while I'm birdie watching.
    That'd be one of 'em.
    I tend to make a loud noise and tell 'em it's a G-rated yard and to knock it off!
    Not that they particularly listen to me. LOL

    The doves are silly...they make me laugh with their crash landings. LOL

  4. This post was too funny....
    love it.. I can just see you
    playing the voyeur .

    Wish you could go with me to the
    Rookery during early spring when the
    birds are nest building and the males try to get their reward for bringing
    twigs for the nest.... the Storks are
    very loud.....

    Have a great weekend !!

  5. Valerie my dear, this post is BRILLIANT!

    "Only then did I realise that all that stabbing was foreplay. Oh boy, I'd hate to be a bird ... Hmm all that jabbing..."

    Bwhahahahahahahahaha! That CRACKED ME UP! HILARIOUS!!!!

    It's funny because sometimes while sitting in the park, I'll see them 'doing it' too. And it always looks as though they're having a 'quickie!'

    Tee, hee!

    Thanks for the great morning giggles, dear lady!


    P.S. Great photos!

  6. Jabbing with a beak? Glad I'm not a bird of the feathered kind. ;)

    Love your weather widget so much I just had to get one for my blog. :)

  7. Oooh Denise.. That IS fast. Birds are amusing, aren't they?

    John, I will do that next time.

    Mel, your comment had me in Thanks for making me laugh.

    Pearl, heehee as if we need remindng about our weather!

    Brian, hmmm perhaps why the pigeon walked away... grins.

  8. Ron, you're welcome. It made me laugh as well. You will remember it next time you see the birds 'at it' hahahaha.

  9. Most enlightening, Valerie. Was most intrigued with the courtship of your dunnocks! Thanks for your regular comments on my posts!

  10. Intriguing information on the dunnocks' courtship! Thanks for your regular visits to my posts!

  11. Hmmm...You're pretty funny, Val. It's all part of nature I guess.


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