02 June 2012



1952. I remember it well but for a different reason. It was the year I got badly burnt and because I was taken up with trying to recover from the terrible experience I didn’t pay much attention to the news. Yes, I knew the King had died and I mourned his passing but Princess Elizabeth’s accession to the throne passed by as ‘just another bit of news’. 

I did watch her being crowned, though, on 2nd June1953. My then boy friend and I watched it on a television set in a shop window.

It was a busy road with lots of shops and a good many shoppers, many of whom viewed the Coronation alongside me. It wasn’t the usual sort of thing to do on the local High Street but we were actually watching two rare events, live television and the crowning of a new Monarch. Not too many of us owned a television or had previously witnessed a crowning ceremony. Not a bit like today when anything goes and nothing is a surprise.

It was quiet emotional seeing the princess looking so serious and I remember thinking she was very brave to wear that heavy crown. It looked as if it weighed a ton. I have a vague recollection of clinging to the then boy friend as if it was me needing support.

So now we have the Diamond Jubilee and I am reminded that sixty years only seems like yesterday. The Queen has had it good and bad over the years and sometimes I reckon she felt she couldn’t do anything right. Maybe that was so but I wouldn’t change anything. She’s been good for my country and I love her to bits. I hope I look half as good when I’m her age.

People are planning jubilee events, including my WI. We had an ‘indoor’ street party which reminded us of the street parties that were held at the end of World War Two. I promise you, we were just children at the time! Everywhere we go now there are Union Jacks flying and the shops are displaying red, white and blue decorations and mementoes befitting the occasion, and in our famous Bull Ring, the bull wears his royal outfit.

Since William married Kate the future looks good both for the Royals and the citizens of the UK, nevertheless I hope you stay with us a bit longer, Your Majesty.


  1. see, I wondered what all the fan fair was about. Wow....she's done very well given all the circumstances she's had to contend with in the past 60 years. Wow....we change leaders so often we never get a celebration of this nature. I dunno if that's good or not so good--it's just how it's done.

    What lovely memories (in part) and what fun that you get to be a part of the celebration today!!

  2. Valerie, I so enjoyed reading this post about your remembrance back in 1953. I love to hear about other people's special moments in their lives. And that was definitely a very special moment!

    "Not too many of us owned a television or had previously witnessed a crowning ceremony. Not a bit like today when anything goes and nothing is a surprise."

    Isn't that the truth? With access to the Internet, the news is splattered everywhere and comes and goes so quickly. Their is no longer that glamour, excitement, and anticipation.

    Lovely first photo of the Queen. She looks amazing! What a beautiful outfit she's wearing.

    Happy Diamond Jubilee, your Majesty!


  3. Ron, I'm glad you liked the picture of our Queen. We're very proud of her. The television will be full of the jubilee over the next four days... the final four after a year of seeing her on her journeys round the country.

  4. we got our first TV the previous year. And I was 6 in 1953. It was recorded and shown on TV here in the US. I can remember it was B&W and somewhat grainy. Mom said I watched the whole thing. I guess my love for all things English started then.

  5. Banker Chick. Yes, it was black and white on the TV. I can't remember when we moved over to colour. I guess at the age of 6 the event would have been awesome.

  6. that is pretty cool...we have watched the marriages because i was just a thought 60 years ago, but seeing the 60 year stuff is pretty cool....have fun today!

  7. I am ready to see the flotilla on tv. It looks like a a great day for her and your country.

  8. Sorry to hear you had a bad injury back then. Hope you fully recovered.
    Here in the US, I have always enjoyed hearing about your Royal Family! I have watched a few t.v. shows about them and read books as well. It must be a real treat to live there and share in all those milestones.
    Wasn't it in '53 that Sir Edmund Hillary summited Mt. Everest for the British team? Quite a year all around!

    Thanks for sharing your memories, Valerie.

    Happy Diamond Jubilee, Your Majesty!

  9. Brian, it has been lovely seeing the Queen enjoying herself and the rest if the royals too.

    Crystal Chick, yes thanks, I recovered or as they say 'lived to tell the tale'. I have a lot to be thankful for living here where there are so many royal ceremonies.

    Larry, I have just watched the flotilla, it was impressive. Hope you enjoy it too.

  10. I have a minute to do a little blogging. Been kinda busy lately! Very nice post, Val.

  11. Lovely post on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Thanks Valerie!

  12. Yeah, the Jubilee is actually making headlines over in the States. Seems like a fun celebration, and it marks an important milestone in the Monarchy. It's good to see that tradition is alive and well! And nice job on the pictures! As always, I can't get enough of 'em. Thanks!

  13. Well done for a 'Hip, hip hooray!' blog post for our very special monarch!
    Pity the weather couldn't be organised though, eh? Hehehe! What is it with us Brits and rain? :)


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