01 July 2012

Sunday Scene

Scenes of Norway


  1. oo i love the mountains...that last pic looks a bit like paradise to me...

  2. It was, Brian. It's a beautiful country.

  3. BEEEEEUTIFUL photos, Valerie!

    And I LOVE the bit of snow on the mountains!

    It's funny to see some of the people in the first photo wearing long pants and sweaters, while others wore shorts and short sleeved shirts. I'm assuming these photos were taken during the summer?

    Love the last photo through the glass window!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Hope you're having awesome Sunday!


  4. Yes, Ron, it was summer, but it was unexpectedly cold. I seem to remember the wind was quite cutting. Heehee it's always the older people who wear more clothes in summer.

  5. Looks cold, but there a guy wearing shorts? That's one brave fellow...


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