07 July 2012

The Hire Car

How's this for a hire car? Daughter turned up in it the other day. She didn't exactly say eat your heart out but I'm sure she thought it... and I did. Isn't it a beautiful Peugeot? Gone are the days when I could drive such a BIG car but that doesn't mean I don't hanker for one.

Yes, we all like Peugeots


  1. I am not sure if I like it. The shape looks a little funny to me. The car in my Photo Of the Week on my Blog look a lot nicer to me.

    Mountain Highs and Vally Lows

  2. Hi Dan. I left a comment on your blog. Unfortunately we don't have such nice cars in the UK. I remember being enthralled by the style of trucks when I was in the US. They have real character and make ours look quite humdrum... even the new ones.

  3. I find the nice thing about hiring cars is that I can live above my station for a few short hours!

    I am glad to see a little sunshine on your weather chart Valerie.

  4. I'm glad you pointed out the sunshine on the chart, Jenny. I hadn't seen it. I got so used to seeing rain, rain, rain that I stopped looking for anything different. I can't wait for Wednesday.

  5. wow...great looking car...i have a peugeot way back in the day, before they left the US...

  6. I just love saying
    Peugeot ........

    enjoy the ride.!

    May be a nice weekend to get out
    and about.

  7. Hi Brian, I didn't know Peugeot used to be in the US. They're my favourite cars... I've had three now; not altogether, of

  8. We have a Peugeot 206 and I love it. I think we will be changing it next year, as it's 7 years old, hopefully for a another Peugeot.

  9. That's mine, Pearl. I love it, too.

  10. Wow - Different looking, but nice!

  11. Ummmmmm......dearheart--that ain't BIG. LOL

    But it is black and it is different.

    And hire cars are for hire, yes? Maybe an afternoon in the country in the much coveted would be a good thing!!


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