14 July 2012

Unsolicited Rubbish

These things are sent to try us. As well as having to put up with incessant rain, spam email from people trying to part me from my money (all now filtered), unsolicited phone calls, and text messages from people who can’t wait to pay me what I’m due after a non-existent accident, I’m now getting video links sent by email. Going by the name of the woman (?) who sends them I imagine them to be videos of an unsavoury nature. Of course, I could be wrong. Who the hell are these people? If anyone knows a cure I’d like to know about it.

Having jotted all that down, the sun has now appeared, albeit briefly, so I’m off into the garden to make my peace with the birds before the next batch of rain arrives. The birds know better than most what a sin it is to keep them waiting for feeder top-ups. After that it’s out to lunch and an afternoon playing catch-up with the latest story.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend with the sort of weather they desire. 


  1. You have a beautiful garden, a lovely place to get away from all that :)

  2. good so far...we had a yard sale this morning and made a bit of pocket change for vacation at the end of this week...hope you made that peace and have a good weekend...

    spam, ugh...

  3. Nice to make bit of money, Brian. Hope you have a great time on vacation. Wondering where?

  4. Oh my.......what a lovely place for a sit and breathe!

    And I hear ya about the spam emails/links.

    I've yet to receive a video. NOT that I feel left out as a result! LOL

    Delete, delete, delete.....but I'm sure you already know that.

    Enjoy that afternoon, ma'am!!

  5. Valerie, what a stunning view of your garden!

    Your flowers are just beautiful!


    I've never received a spam video link myself, but I'm not at all surprised it's happening.

    Hope you had a lovely afternoon!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  6. Love your garden! We have it much cooler today..windy and overcast, but only 77 degrees right now. Supposed to get up to 92 today though. We have a funeral luncheon to go to, so hope the cooler weather stays put for a bit longer.

  7. Yes I agree. Here we are feeding the birds every day, because they just don't have enough food in all this rain.

  8. I will take the rain any day over some of the junk I get. If I do not know you personally, I am not just going to hand over my money to you. If you are someone I know it is a different story but it better but must be for a good reason.

    I have enjoyed a little break today from the rain but we do need the rain here after all the hot temperatures we have had.

  9. I hope you get some dry weather soon Valerie. I read today that the jet stream is beginning to return to its normal pattern. So there is hope.

  10. Ron, there's always a first time for a video link so beware. Getting ready to welcome you back from vacation... have a good flight.

  11. Your garden is just lovely!

    I hate unsolicited phone calls and mail. Grrrrr....

  12. Your garden is so beautiful..
    do you make house calls ???

    we dropped our land line so we no
    longer those nagging calls..only
    a few people have our cell numbers
    and that makes it nice.

  13. That is a GORGEOUS garden!! A place to find some necessary calm after being so bothered.
    We've been getting more phone solicitations lately. One company in particular was calling almost daily. I told the woman last week I was very unhappy about it and that it was harassment. She apologized and we haven't heard anything since.


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