28 July 2012

Inspired or not inspired

One of Bankerchick's recent posts prompted me to look back at some of my old ones, especially those on discontinued blogs. I found a post on this date in July 2009 and decided to air it again.


I wonder how many would be inspired to read further after reading this Foreword:


Life in the rustic village had been predictably routine
since the break-up of Audrey's affair with Brian.

Humdrum even, until the day of the phone call.

At first she merely grumbled when no-one spoke,
but the caller grew more daring.
As the calls became habitual,
coming at precisely the same time each day,
her abhorance gradually dissolved
and she stepped into a nightmare of sensual desire.


Okay, folks. What do you think? 
Should I or shouldn't I serialise this like I did with Trust Not The Vow? 

A Summer Chill appeared on a blog of it's own but the set-up didn't allow for easy reading. Serialisation of Trust Not The Vow was better so now I'm thinking of doing the same for A Summer Chill. On the dedicated blog it was quite easy to read up to chapter 15 but after that it was a fiddle to reach further chapters. 

A Summer Chill was my first novel.


  1. hehe i remember reading this one, it gets rather warm in parts if i am remembering correct and some really nice characterization...

  2. Yes do it, I want to know what happens next!

  3. Go for it! I'm always drawn in by your stories.

  4. Go for it. I would like to read it. You could give it, its own page within your current blog or post it within the main page.

  5. Brian, ah, you remember...grins.

    Pearl, okay I'll work on it.

    Mona, it's a racy, in parts although a lot is left to the imagination.

    Banker Chick. I've tried the things you suggest but found that nobody bothered to go there. Serialising (once a week) worked quite well.

  6. Ooooo Valerie, this story sounds soooooo intriguing!!!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! do share it as a series as you did with "Trust Not The Vow" because I think it would be a great one, especially for this time of the year...."Summer Chill."

    I had no idea you had had another blog (other than your photo blog)!?!

    Have a faaaaabulous weekend, dear lady!


  7. Hi Ron, okay, you asked for it... I will start it soon. The other blog was linked to this one but not many went to have a look.

  8. a serial version would be great.

    Enjoy the weekend..!!


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