15 July 2013

Monday Mirth

Mrs Brown's Hen Party Cock-up!

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  1. oh my, now that is a funeral they will never forget...smiles...ha...and i know what that preacher is preaching on sunday...smiles.

    happy monday

  2. Brian, it would be a sermon to remember... grins.

  3. Hehehe....actually that would make for a memorable funeral! :-)

  4. Must watch this show, I haven't seen it and meant to watch it when I saw the last clip!

  5. Oh my goodness, That's Mrs. Brown is a hoot! I was chatting to my brother in law yesterday, The one in Germany and he said to me have you ever seen or heard of Mrs. Brown. And then I told him about you and how much I enjoyed your Monday Mirths. Thanks again, always have a good laugh at Mrs. Brown.

  6. "oh my" is about all I can say, too.


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