21 July 2013

Sunday Scenes

Out and about!

Driving in to our favourite dining place.... Moor Hall.
Bedroom windows?
A wedding car!
I tried to get a shot of the bride as we drove by. It didn't work, although I was able to give her my best wishes.
The view going out of Moor Hall
You guessed it ... the supermarket!
Inside the supermarket

The is part of the structure at Spitfire Island

It shows three Supermarine Spitfires peeling off up into the air in different directions. The half-scale Spitfires are made of aluminium, with curving steel supporting beams which act as vapour trails. It captures the dynamics of the Spitfire in flight and commemorates the nearby Castle Bromwich factory where most of Britain's wartime Spitfires were built.

An appropriate, although accidental, photograph of a real plane coming in!

And finally:

In a recent post about recycling mention was made about a Bra Bar. As you can see from the picture, it was totally the wrong name. It should have been a Bra Bank. Not the kind where you make deposits or withdraw funds, although in this day and age anything is possible. Anyway, since there was some doubt about there being a bra bar at all, I took the photograph on my next supermarket visit. 
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  1. I like the Bra Bank.I imagine thare is a lot of interest in it. A very uplifting photo!

  2. ha. cute monkey and that wedding car is pretty cool too....bra bank, hey i guess we all need a little support eh? smiles.

  3. I'll laugh about the bra bank--but it was the spitfire memorial that caught my interest. Lovely photo with that blue sky behind it. And a very cool bit of artwork!

  4. Laughing with Joe and Brian over the bra bank!

    Thanks, Pearl.

    Mel, we're quite proud of the memorial although I'm told it is going to be moved elsewhere so that the road can be widened. Shame, it's good where it is!

  5. That is a pretty cool sculpture!

    I must have missed the post about the bra bank. Do people donate bras?

  6. Yes, Pat, the bra bank is part of the recycling section at the supermarket. I did a post about it which gave my thoughts ... amusing ones.

  7. A great selection for Sunday scenes.
    I wish we had a 'bra bank'... just so I could photograph it.!

  8. Look how clean your supermarket is, and how orderly the carts are. I tell ya, around here people place their carts anywhere *except* back in the proper area!

    And I really like that sculpture! It gave me a patriotic shiver, and I live in the States! :-)

  9. Herman, I'll explain about the trolleys later. I had a feeling you would like the spitfire memorial - we're very proud of it and those who built them all those years ago.


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