28 July 2013

Sunday Scenes

Leading the way!
Family outing!

Love the Cygnets!
Learning to fish!
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  1. ah lovely....swans are so beautiful...and peaceful.

    happy sunday

  2. OH my gosh.....they're adorable! And there's so many to watch. LOL The poor parents. ;-)

  3. Valerie, I clicked to enlarge each photo and they're beautiful! Love the reflection of the swan in the first photo within the ripples of the water!

    And those baby swans are ADORABLE!

    Have a lovely Sunday, dear lady!


  4. Being in the middle of a prairie waterfowl are so fascinating to me. You have some great shots here and I imagine is was so much fun to observe their antics.

  5. Brian, swans can be vicious when they want... I never go too near. They are beautiful birds, and majestic.

    Mel, if I was a swan I'd duck out .. grins.

    Larry, I love watching our local wildlife.

    Ron, I guessed you would like the cygnets. Aren't they fabulous babies?

  6. Swanning around with your camera again then!

  7. How sweet . They look very content
    and well fed.

  8. Beautiful captures of those swans.
    Happy Sunday!

  9. Lovely Swans! Those young ones are pretty cute.

  10. So adorable Valerie and great shots! The last time I saw cygnets was on the pond near Slapton Sands many, many moons ago. I haven't seen a swan since I last went on holiday.

  11. Swans are such beautiful creatures. These are gorgeous photos! Love the family shot!

  12. The last swans I saw were when I went to Montreat, North Carolina. I think I only got one good picture.

    I like watching ducks better myself.

  13. There's a family of swans who've taken up residence at a local pond. We love to take Tyler down there to toss bread at them and the myriad of ducks. It's tons of fun, and always brings a smile to Tyler!

  14. I love these beautiful creatures and you have got some fantastic photos of them..

  15. Herman. it's lovely that Tyler has the experience of feeding ducks and swans, so many children miss out on that particular joy.

    Ranita, thank you. I'm glad you liked the pictures.

    Dan, ducks are entertaining whereas swans are more gentile... until riled, that is.


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