04 July 2013


If it's not black backs dropping through the letterbox, it's the army of collection bins in the supermarket car park that encourage us to recycle our unwanted chattels. The charities do well out of us, rightly so, but I didn't know we'd gone as far as having Bra Bars.

Last visit to the supermarket revealed all. No, not ALL in the sense of the female body, I mean the assortment of bins.

Together with the old favourites for bottles, plastic bags, paper, cardboard, books and bulbs we have bins for clothes. Some offer to pay 50p for garments; others just want them for free. Then there are bins for shoes, providing they are tied together to make a pair, handbags, preferably empty, belts, and purses, again – empty!

And now we have the bra bar, a separate bin altogether from ordinary clothing. The more I think of this the more I wonder why, after all clothing is what they are. Why separate them?

I haven’t seen anyone use it yet but I can imagine women secreting their undies in brown paper bags so nobody can see the condition of their cast-offs (sweat marks, or those rusty wire spots left on the garment after frequent washing) then furtively removing the garment from its bag and thrusting it through the hole, sighing with relief as it drops down to join the pile of now hidden garments. Or will they gather together to compare notes as to who wears bras with the most lace or padding or wires, or who has the biggest parcel!

I wonder if this recycling facility will be used by elderly women or young nubiles? Will it encourage men to hover or ogle when the bras are placed or thrown, unwrapped, in the bins?

I suppose it will be knickers next, in a container all their own. I mean, if bras have to be divorced from coats, frocks and trousers then knickers have a right to their own bin. I foresee the addition of changing rooms in the car park, swapping new for old and dumping the unwanteds in the appropriate container. I just hope there is a provision of sufficient brown paper bags in case there’s a bit of a walk from closet to bin, with a nice watchman keeping things in order.

But, hang on, what about the men? Are underpants classed as clothing or will they get their own changing room and recycling container. I know some ladies might like to see their men recycled but I was talking about their clothes ... and visualising a queue of eager females waiting on the off chance they might see something they shouldn’t. Just as long as they don’t get recycled themselves!

Me, I’ll stick with filling black bags for the charities to collect. 

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  1. Val.. you are simply delightful.
    Always a giggle or snort while reading your posts..thank you very much !!

  2. I bet the Bra Bar was full to bulging!

  3. how weird...soon enough you will have a whole parking lot full of bins...then how will anyone get in?
    is this the right sock or left sock bin?

  4. *laughing* I don't wanna start that one here if it's all the same to you.

    What in the world........why?! LOL Maybe I don't wanna know?

  5.'re kidding me?

    Bra bars???

    "But, hang on, what about the men? Are underpants classed as clothing or will they get their own changing room and recycling container. I know some ladies might like to see their men recycled but I was talking about their clothes"


    Um...I don't know about that. I think I draw the line at recycling my UNDIES.

    FAB post, Valerie! You had me giggling!

    And thank you your for you Note For The Day!


  6. I love recycling. We have 3 recycling bins provided by the council -1 for plastic/glass 1 for paper and 1 for garden waste and kitchen waste, everything else goes in the ordinary bin. I laughed at the idea of a separate bin for bras. I bag up all unwanted clothes that are saleable in one bag and any other fabric items ('rags') in a separate bag for a local charity to collect. They have a sale every couple of months and the 'rags' are weighed in. It's good to feel nothing is going to waste.

  7. That's hilarious! Is it for real? I wouldn't be seen dead (metaphorically speaking) putting a bra in a bin in a supermarket car-park. Have people these days got any discretion!!

  8. Star, it definitely is real. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I took one look and knew I had to blog it. Forgot to take a picture, but I can remedy that.

    Pearl, we have boxes for recycling household stuff but wheelie bins are due. Goodness only knows where we will put them.

    Ron, I am not kidding, but you know my mind worked overtime thinking of how to write about it. The funnies just arrived in my head and I couldn't wait to start typing :0)

    Mel, I have no idea

    Brian, lol .. right and left socks puts a new slant on it....grins.

    Faye, I'm happy I made you smile.

  9. LoL Joe. You could be right!

  10. Do they serve wine at the bra bar?

    It puts a whole new meaning into "my cup runneth over".

  11. Great post Val. Thoroughly enjoyed it. And if someone wants my old, extremely used underwear then I am more than happy to pass them along to new owners. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Oh my! That seems a bit odd. I imagine the bin would be empty. Hm. Funny!


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