14 July 2013

Sunday Scenes

Just a few flowers seen in my wild patch. Apart from the first picture, nothing planted, all self-seeded. I inspect the patch daily and never know what new beauty I will find.

And finally, a much longed-for poppy
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  1. Ohhhh....lucky YOU. What a variety you have! It's like a wander in the ditches around here, which I so long to have.
    You have lily of the valley--which has an amazing scent! Lucky you!!

  2. you should hear my ooo's and ah's...smiles....the blues are the ones that catch my eye...pretty cool its just there for you self seeded...beautiful

  3. Oooooh these are nice, Val! Such vibrant colors!

  4. "nothing planted, all self-seeded."

    Oh Valerie, what a magical green thumb you have. I'm totally impressed!

    And such a beautiful variety!

    Gorgeous color!

    Mel took the words right out of my mouth...

    "You have lily of the valley--which has an amazing scent! Lucky you!!"

    I love the scent of lily of the valley as well!

    Happy Sunday, dear lady!


    Enjoyed your Note For The Day. And it's ironic because "I" was actually born on a Sunday.

  5. Ron, it is nature that has the magic thumb. Pretty marvellous, eh? I just took a walk down to my hidden patch and saw the huge thistle flowers have now opened. The bees love them.

    How great to have been born on a Sunday... the old rhyme is true then! Not sure about me though, having been born on a Wednesday

  6. What a beautiful area with wild flowers. The fact that you didn't plant any of these is amazing!

  7. Those are very pretty flowers Valerie. Nice to have a surprise pop up every now and again. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  8. Your 'wild patch' is delightful...
    such variety . Nicely done Val !

  9. Looks like you had some nice weather in your corner of this world this weekend. I think we might have shared some of the same sunshine! Great pics!!

  10. The only thing that self seeds in my yard is poison ivy.


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