27 July 2013

Odd bits of news

In a recent post about recycling I mentioned a Bra Bar. As you can see from the picture, it was totally the wrong name. It should have been a Bra Bank. Not the kind where you make deposits or withdraw funds, although in this day and age anything is possible. Anyway, since there was some doubt about there being a bra bar at all, I took the photograph on my next supermarket visit.

Had fun watching the crows the other day. It’s not often we see a black crow in the garden but it was blisteringly hot so he must have been attracted by the water in the birdbath and a few titbits on the lawn. The crow grabbed a morsal of food in his beak – either apple peel or biscuit – and flew onto the bath, whereby he dropped the food in the water. It was interesting to see him eating the soaked bits before flying off. 

The same day, while the birds were busy eating, we saw the fox in the distance. He was lying in the wild patch enjoying the sun and watching the birds at the same time. I expected him to attack but he just lay there ... watching. The birds ignored him as well.  

I have better luck photographing birds than bees. I tried all ways to get a clear picture of this one. If only he’d stayed still..... 

I have several diaries, in different places, to ensure that I don’t forget an appointment. Why then do I overlook some? I just about made it to the chiropractors at the allotted time but I wouldn’t have done so if Joe hadn’t been there to remind me. Perhaps I need audible alerts on some scheduled activities. Trouble with those is timing. If a reminder is needed, how far in advance should it be? Half an hour, an hour, a day? Too early and I could still forget to turn up for a specific engagement, and too close to call could be disastrous  So what should I do? Tie a diary to my ankle or wrist...and still forget what it was there for?

 Talking of memories...

I popped into the local supermarket and whilst waiting in the small queue to be served I saw a guy come in that I’d seen before. I just KNEW his face. Isn’t it awful when you can’t place someone? Was it my old doctor? Nah, I’d never forget him. Someone off telly? Nah, he didn’t look that famous. It bugged me that I couldn’t remember where I’d seen him before. Neatly dressed in a grey suit but no tie, highly polished shoes but no socks, greying hair flopping over his brow, he looked as hot and bothered as the rest of the customers. Well, I racked my brains, what few are left, and then it came to me..... Andrew Mitchell, my local Member of Parliament. So they are normal, after all! 
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  1. You have been getting lots of good pictures in your garden lately especially of the fox.

    I hate it when I see someone and I can not remember their name or where I know them from.

  2. The crow looks gorgeous and u r a good photographer..n i envy you for this..also i thought the disease of forgetting is only with me but now I find that u too have the disease..thanks for sharing..

  3. did you say hello to your MP then?

    Gill in Canada

  4. ha. they are normal...smiles.
    pretty cool on the black bird...and the would be a treat to sit and watch them...this morning i have dragonflies...which are cool...some of my favs...

  5. Oh good. LOL I'm not alone! ;-) What amusing moments in the garden. Our grackles wash their food before eating as well--who knew they were such neat freaks! ;-)

  6. Oh, how cool, Valerie!

    "So they are normal, after all!"

    HA! Isn't it something how we imagine that celebrities and such, don't do all the normal things that we do?

    What AWESOME photographs of the crow! A crow is my favorite bird. I love them because they're so smart. If you look real close, you can actually see them thinking. I also think they're beautiful birds. Love their color and sharp shape!

    Have a lovely Saturday, dear lady! We finally got a break from the heat.


  7. Fun post, Val. Love that fox peaking out of the brush.

  8. What a fun read Valerie. And I enjoyed your photos you used, especially the fox. The crow was a good one too. We had baby crows on our back deck yesterday. It was funny seeing such big birds - even though they were babies - asking for food from their parents.

  9. Dan, I had a new camera so I have to keep trying it out... smiles.

    Ranita, thank you. Yes, isn't forgetfulness a nuisance? Still, I can still remember my name... smiles.

    Hi Gill, I smiled at him from afar, that was enough!!

    Brian, I would love to see dragonflies for a change, plus some of the other wonderful birds you get in your country.

    Mel, I reckon birds know more than we give them credit for.

  10. Good early evening, Ron. You are right in your assessment of our thinking. It's a bit daft, isn't it?

    If I see any more crows I shall try and get pictures for you. Unfortunately they don't come into the garden very often but maybe they have started a new strend. I hope!

    Enjoy the cooler weather, which I know you love.

  11. Andrew Mitchell of 'Plebgate Fame'.Was his bike outside? Lol

  12. You certainly do have some nice wildlife to admire and photograph in your yard.
    I have to make myself notes for various things. I also write lists for grocery and other shopping but sometimes forget to take them with me. Grrrr!


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