06 July 2013

Our day at the Vintage Fair

These pictures were taken at our recent visit to the Vintage Market in the local town

I remember clamouring for rides on roundabouts when I was young, although they were a little more grown up than the one in the picture. My Dad used to take me to a fairground but he wouldn't or couldn't go on the roundabouts with me. Instead he would ask people already on there if I could sit with them. He would wave to me every time I passed while I jigged up and down with excitement. One time he asked an American soldier if I could sit by him (soldiers were stationed not far from us at the time). He was a lovely man. I remember him remarking on my freckles (I had plenty) and explaining they were there because the sun had kissed me, adding that the sun only kissed beautiful people. Oh boy, I'll never forget that man!

I just had to capture this picture. The young mother was making soothing noises to her baby and I could feel the love. Pity I couldn't see the baby. 

What is it about walking feet that makes us want to take photographs?

We had lunch in the Bottle of Sack.... don't you think that's a strange name?

Handmade soap. The bars are a little large, don't you think?

Although it said Father's Day gifts, I couldn't see any. 

and finally

This is a new addition to the mall. Shop on-line, get your parcels delivered here. It's the latest idea for parcel deliveries. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't the idea of ordering on-line to get stuff delivered to the house? I couldn't be bothered collecting from a metal machine in the shopping centre, especially if I'd ordered a three piece suite! The ByBox thingy is situated in a crowded area with limited space. Can you just imagine the chaos if someone actually used it, not to mention parcel snatchers!

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  1. Great series of pictures Valerie. Loved your fond memories of the carousel. I'm with you on the parcel delivery.

  2. Bottle of Sack is taken from a quote in Shakespeare's play Henry 1V.
    PS No I am not a cleverdick! I got it from Google!!

  3. Oh and SACK is an old English word for Wine.
    So I guess hitting the Sack could mean getting sloshed as well as going to bed to sleep it off.

  4. that pick up machine for online ordering is a cool concept....hmm would be interested to see how that works out...our mall has died because people just dont go any more...

  5. *laughing* And here I was about to call Joseph a cleverdick. LOL Very fun! I don't know what it is about walking feets--I'm guilty as well! Oh, but what a grand time of it you had. The photos show that well.

  6. What a FAB selection of photos, Valerie!

    "He was a lovely man. I remember him remarking on my freckles (I had plenty) and explaining they were there because the sun had kissed me, adding that the sun only kissed beautiful people. Oh boy, I'll never forget that man!"

    What a beautiful memory. Totally brought a smile to my face.

    LOVE the photo of the walking feet. Great capture!

    Happy Saturday, dear lady!


  7. Thanks Denise. Yes, the 'American' experience on the carousel is imprinted on my brain. Well, who could forget such a compliment.

    Thanks for checking, Joe. Yes, I know I should have done that. Shame on me.

    I'm going to check it out, Brian, just so I can let you know.

    Mel, between you and me he is a cleverdick but I daren't tell him.

    Ron, I was influenced at a tender age... grins. I think that fairground is where my love of Americans began.

  8. Nice post, Val! I used to love riding the horse carousel as a kid at the local fair. As for the soap - the bars are really quite large, I'll have to agree. The package delivery system: Don't guess I'd be a fan of that either.

  9. Great post ...
    and I do love the 'walking'
    photo... feet make such an interesting

  10. What an amazing photographer you are!!! I LOVE YOUR EYE! Now I want Jimmy Spices, soap and I want to ride on the crazy bus. Maybe Ron can come along!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hello Katherine, nice to meet you. Thanks for popping in to my humble blog. We could ask Ron but I bet he would decline the invitation.

    I popped over to yours but couldn't leave a comment. Nothing happened when I repeatedly clicked on 'comments'. Love your pictures and I know what you mean about taking pictures of people. Bravo you for having a go.

  13. I agree about the ByBox. We have one in our local Co-op, would you believe! I think I must be missing something there. Love your pictures of the vintage fair. I bet you had a great time.


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