07 July 2013

Sunday Scenes

I'm using Sunday Scenes this week to show a few pics taken with the new camera

My least favourite bird, the Woodpigeon
Swan Lake!
Feeding time for baby Magpie!
Aw come on... I need more water than that!
The Jay
Am I or am I not beautiful?

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Joseph Daggatt said...

The Jay pics are great. You are getting to be a dab hand with your camera.I will have to think of a name for you.

Ron said...

You GO, Valerie!

Between your great 'eye' and this new camera of yours, these photos are awesome!

Especially loved the ones of the baby bird feeding and the swan!

Hope you're having super Sunday!


Mel said...

Wow.....excellent! The swan is gorgeous, but that jay steals the show--the showoff! LOL

Brian Miller said...

doesnt that wood pigeon look like a grumpy old man...ha...i like the jay, he def seems to have attitude...smiles.

Montanagirl said...

Nice job, Val! What kind is your new camera? Or did I miss that?

Valerie said...

Joe, I prefer just the chick... not sure if I could live with the clickerty bit lol.

Hi Ron, thank you. I've been a bit stuck for getting out and about to take more photographs... blaming the weather, of course.

Hey Mel, that jay does show off. You should see the way he struts across the lawn.

Brian, I agree, the woodpigeon does look grumpy. He was probably fed-up with continually being shooed off.

Mona, the camera is Nikon Coolpix P520.

John Bain said...

I have no idea how you got close enough to photograph a Jay, they take flight at the slightest movement. Lovely pics Valerie. Wood pigeons are very tasty. :)

HermanTurnip said...

With all these pictures of birds, it saddens me to report that our 16-year-old cat managed to catch herself a bird in our backyard this weekend. Shame about the bird, but it's nice to see that our old girl still has plenty of life left in her...

faye said...

wow ... Love the bird pics..
have never seen a magpie..
send one over to my feeders ..

Valerie said...

Faye, you are welcome to our magpies... they are aggressive birds. Lovely to look at though.

Herman, seeing nature in the raw can be heartbreaking. Unfortunately, that's life.

John, the zoom lens is pretty good for capturing shots without disturbing the subjects.

Akelamalu said...

Lovely pics Valerie, I particularly like the swan. :)

Valerie said...

Thanks, Pearl. I took some pictures of the cygnets but I'll show those another time.

CrystalChick said...

Looks like you're getting some very nice shots with your new camera.
I like the swan one especially.
Enjoy your new toy!