01 July 2013

Monday Mirth

Whaaaaaaaa ... OMG I need to stop laughing!

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Jenny Woolf said...

Love it! - I have never seen this programme before. Must look out for it...thanks Valerie for this Monday mirth!

Akelamalu said...


Mel said...

*laughing* Such a hoot!
(not sure why I did my laundry yesterday that makes two of us. LOL)

Brian Miller said...

oh i love have def enriched my life...well at least my introducing me to her...smiles

Valerie said...

LOL with you, Pearl.

Mel, we need to change. Doing laundry on Sunday is not good for us.... grins.

Brian, no-one ever said that to me before.... grins

Ron said...

OMG...when she wrapped her legs around his shoulders, I HOWLED!!!!


Valerie, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these video clips!!!!!

Please, keep them coming!

Thanks for a GREAT morning laugh, dear lady!



Valerie said...

Heehee Ron, they are hilarious, aren't they? Even without a script they make me hoot with laughter.

DeniseinVA said...

She's hilarious! Thanks Valerie, you do keep us laughing. Thank you my friend :)

An English Girl Rambles

Pam Beers. said...

Mrs. Brown is hilarious. Love BBC.

Thanks for the great laugh.

I work with horses every day, so I have to do laundry every day...except on Sunday. Those equines put a whole new dimension into laundry.

faye said...

Too funny...
Thanks for sharing the humor.

HermanTurnip said...

Too much! I, too, would faint at the sight of that. Bwahahahaha!!!

Montanagirl said...

Oh my goodness! Is she too funny or what??? Val, I've been gone to Alaska for 10 days, so I'm trying to catch up with my bloggies.