01 April 2011

Talented Bloggers Part II

Today it is my privilege to link up with another blogging friend and to announce the publication of her book and her blog. The first post is dedicated to Star, who has written a book using the pseudonym Amanda Marigold. Amanda’s book is a mystery entitled Murder in the School … here's the synopsis. “The arrival of a new Head Teacher in the school causes turbulence amongst the staff. It isn't long before tensions escalate and strange things begin to happen. The school secretary decides to take matters into her own hands and begins to collect together the tools of her trade, which include a broom and three black cats.”

The mere mention of black cats has me wondering and I intend reading it as soon as I can. I read one of her stories on-line and believe me I couldn’t wait for the next part to be posted. Amanda Marigold is also the name of her new blog which you can find here. She has an open invitation to writers so why not pay her a visit and find out all about it.


  1. nice promo...

    happy sunday val!

  2. "to collect together the tools of her trade, which include a broom and three black cats.” that has me VERY curious!

    Sounds like a very good book, Valerie.

    Love the book cover.

    Happy Sunday, dear lady!

  3. Sounds like a good book Val, I think it is lovely of you to promote her book here but then that is just being the nice lady that you are......:-)Hugs

  4. Thank you very much Val. I appreciate your interest. Please email me your address again (I didn't keep it last time) and I'll post off the CD when I get back to England at the end of the week.
    Looking forward to reading your guest post when you have it ready.
    Best wishes, Star

  5. This sounds wonderful Valerie. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I look forward to visiting your friend soon :)

  6. This sounds wonderful Valerie. I look forward to visiting your friend. Very interesting!


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