06 March 2014

Titbits... and gloves!


I always wear Marigold gloves for dirty work, washing up etc. But still haven’t figured out why it’s always the right hand glove that gets torn. I am right handed, therefore I assume it’s the right hand glove that gets all the knocks. But why is that? I’ve checked it out and it seems to me that it should be the left one that cops for a few slashes since it’s the right one that wields the implements or manipulates the dishcloth. I tried using a long handled brush but this proved to be ineffective in the washing-up stakes so I went back to the hands-on routine.

This has been going on for several years and only now am I querying it? Why? Because the other day I had a shock ... it was the left hand glove that got nicked. No, it wasn’t stolen, just gently sliced. I’m not going to throw the good glove away because it might come in handy next time I’m stuck with a left-hander.


I am thrilled that at short notice I've been able to book a group to entertain us at the WI’s birthday lunch. The lunch is just a month away and nothing had been prepared prior to the new committee taking over. Thinking caps on!

I remembered seeing a charity group at Townswomen’s Guild and wondered if I dare approach them for a date that was imminent knowing that people book them months and years in advance. Remember the saying, nothing ventured, nothing gained? Well, it’s true. I ventured and lo and behold the reply was yes, we’ll come. Whoopee. I just know the ladies will enjoy the performance.

The charity is Music in Motion which promotes sign language through participation. It is a Birmingham UK based group of deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people who use British Sign Language in a unique way to interpret popular songs by performing the lyrics in sign language. This creates pathways between deaf and hearing communities with music and Sign Language.  Their aim is to promote deaf awareness and to introduce the arts to the deaf community.

Music in Motion has performed at a variety of venues throughout the country and frequently gets invited to give repeat performances so I think I was very lucky to get an agreement to perform in such short notice.

When I saw them the ladies in the audience joined in the singing and even got up dancing. I gather that was so unusual it was remembered by the group. Who knows, that may be why they agreed to come ... in order to see us making fools of ourselves.
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  1. It is my right glove that always starts leaking. I haven't wondered why but I've only been using gloves for a couple years. For a long time I thought it was fine for men to have rough hands even if from dish washing. That theory worked until my hands began chapping and breaking out.

    The group sounds fine! For a long time I've thought it is insensitive of us hearing people to expect the deaf to always read our lips or just make do the best they can in our world.

  2. ha. but what fun you will have making fools of on getting them booked...i would def be hanging on to the never know when you might need it...

  3. I love the name Marigolds for those yellow gloves. I never used them because I always felt clumsy in them. I am getting thin skinned as I age and really need to start using them to protect my hands

  4. I don't wear gloves as a rule - I seem to have an allergy to latex. I think your ladies will enjoy that group!

  5. "it’s always the right hand glove that gets torn."

    Valerie, I've noticed the same thing as well! And I've also noticed that it's my right hand (my dominant hand) which takes the most beating in the wintertime, during the colder months, by getting dry and chapped. Especially my cuticles.

    "Their aim is to promote deaf awareness and to introduce the arts to the deaf community."


    That is SO awesome! I've always wanted to learn sign language.

    Have a terrific Thursday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  6. Brian, we will have fun... er... I think. Talking of gloves, I have a pair of odd leather gloves that I drive in. They almost match.... grins.

  7. David, men are not excused chapped hands, you know. Good on you for wearing gloves.

  8. Hi Ron, so it isn't just me that has the problem ... smiles. One thing I found that's brilliant for dry cuticles is Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour Skin Protectant. It is marvellous stuff.

  9. Mona, I can't wear latex.... but vinyl isn't so bad.

    BC, I used to feel clumsy in kitchen gloves but it got that I needed them and now I can't do without.

  10. My right hand seems to get all the nicks when I am cleaning so I try to wear gloves more often these days. Congrats on getting that group to your meeting. That's wonderful! My Dad in his youth learned sign language so that he could communicate with a younger cousin. I remember at a wedding we all attended years later, he met her again and it was delightful to see them greet each other after such a long time. My Dad could still remember and they were able to have a wonderful conversation.

  11. I try to moisturize as much as possible.I don't wear gloves, but that helps a lot.

  12. That's so funny about the same glove getting torn all the time, I notice that too.

    I'm left-handed, Joe is right-handed, we both use the same dishwashing gloves so I don't think it's specific to what your dominant hand is. I wondered about that too Val, this made me smile!!!

    I love the name Marigold for the gloves, ours are bright yellow too.

    Have a wonderful weekend, hope things are going well,take care, G

  13. "why it’s always the right hand glove that gets torn"

    I have a similar problem, only it's with my dress shirts for work. Seems I *always* manage to tear them at the right elbow. I swear I go though at least ten shirts every year, and I can't figure out when and how I manage to tear them.

  14. Herman, I guess you sit with elbow on desk while working... yes?

  15. I can offer no useful insight on the Marigold gloves mystery. Sorry Val but hope it gets resolved someday. Congrats on getting that group for your event. Look forward to hearing how it turns out. Take care.

  16. Wow...what a stroke of luck for you!! I've heard of the group...though I'm not sure they're the same people. You've really been lucky with all the loose ends you've had to contend with.
    No clue about the glove deal. I don't wear 'em....I have enough issues without the darn things. I drop plenty of stuff without 'em and I drop more with 'em. Besides....ours are ugly green. LOL!


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