08 March 2014

Weekend Music

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  1. I will be back to listen to this music. Thanks Valerie!

  2. Valerie, I sat here having my morning coffee and listened to this BEAUTIFUL song!

    I love the quality of Adlele's voice. And she sings with such feeling and emotion.

    Thank you for sharing, dear lady. Enjoyed!

    Have a super Saturday!

    X to you and Joe!

  3. nice...she has such a beautiful voice...appreciate the little break in my morning to enjoy...smiles...happy saturday val

  4. Ron, I just knew you would enjoy a bit of music with your coffee. Super Saturday to you too, what's left of it from my end.

  5. Brian, I agree, she does have a lovely voice. Thinking I should listen to her more often.

  6. Hi Valerie, I came back to listen to Adele. She has such a beautiful voice. I don't have the right download on my iPad to listen to certain things. I guess I need to look into that as when I get back to my laptop I have no problem. Thanks also for choosing me for your side-bar shout-out. Really appreciate that and am very happy you enjoyed my post. Have a great weekend and please say hello to Joe for me.

  7. We've noticed the same about the iPad, Denise. Some videos will open/play and some won't... I understand it's something to do with the programming of certain videos. Joe only reads the blog on the tablet and he can never see any video I've put there.


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