23 March 2014


Joe and I have just finished watching stepdaughter’s wedding video. We thought it was never coming but finally, after four months waiting, it arrived from Australia. The video was professionally done, even the cover and disc featured Rosanne and Frank as stars of the film which, of course, they were.

After lunch on the day we received the disc, Joe and I sat down to view the events of that day in November. It was wonderful and so was Rosanne. Joe kept saying how beautiful she looked and I agreed, even though there was a slight dampness around my eyes that blurred the vision at times.

We heard people read the speeches we’d sent and again that mysterious eye problem attacked. I didn’t dare look at Joe! My problem was that since I don’t speak Australian I couldn’t always grasp the accent or keep up with the speed reading. They all speak so fast ... I hadn’t realised that before. Never mind, I should be okay after several more viewings.

Yes, it was well worth waiting for. Excuse me while I go take another look.
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  1. Lovely! I am sorry that you couldn't attend the wedding itself but it sounds as if the video had a bit of the right effect!

  2. several more viewings....smiles...relish it...enjoy it...i know on some level you wish you were there...but enjoy it....

  3. Such a loving thing to do...and worth the wait, even with the eye issue. And yes, she is a lovely creature. I'da been struggling with eye issues too, hearing the words you sent on for the both of them. Oh, but how wonderful to get to see and hear the two of them on that most precious moment.

  4. That's really nice - too bad you couldn't be there, but you have a treasure in that video. I went and checked Faye's photos out. Fabulous!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful treasure, Valerie! And the front cover of the DVD looks so professional! I LOVE her wedding dress!

    "My problem was that since I don’t speak Australian I couldn’t always grasp the accent or keep up with the speed reading. They all speak so fast ... I hadn’t realised that before. "

    HAHAHAHHAHA!That's not only you because I sometimes have a hard time understanding the Australian accent myself, especially if they speak fast. If I'm watching an Australian movie, I will often have to rewind to hear what they said.

    Enjoy the video, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  6. It was not an eye problem, I think, Valerie..It was your motherly affection that moistened your eyes while watching your daughter taking the blissful vouch and that blurred your vision..Your daughter is really beautiful..enjoy many more viewings..

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments. And to Ron, I might well become proficient in Oz talking by the time I've watched the video a dozen or more times. Hope you all enjoy the week ahead.

  8. I admit to the same problem.. He talks so fast! Frank blames my hearing - I thought it was supposed to be the husband that can't hear.... xxxx

  9. Magical! :-) It was well worth the wait, you're right. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  10. Awww...that's awesome! That's one thing that Karin and and I didn't do for our wedding. We did managed to hand out a ton of music that we played at our wedding, but didn't go down the video route. Ah well, it's impossible to cover all bases on such a hectic day!

  11. Good stuff like the video always seems to take longer to arrive. I sent a package to Australia recently and it seemed to take forever to get there.

    Who else would be the stars in this wonderful film? It is amazing some of the things people who make wedding videos can do now days to make sharing the memories even more special.

  12. Memories that you can share and watch over and over again. The best kind.

    Thanks for the 'plug'

    Love Montanagirl's blog. Great photos..

  13. Rosanne, your hearing is perfect... smiles.


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