30 March 2014

Mothering Sunday

to  Mothers everywhere

These flowers came via Interflora from my lovely stepdaughter. 
She's a ray of sunshine in my life. 
Thank you, Rosanne and Frank.
See you both very soon.

The flowers came complete with this white jug. 
What a fantastic surprise!

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  1. So beautiful the flowers and the jug..such a lovely gesture from your daughter..a lucky mom you are..

  2. Isnt' it lovely getting a bouquet of flowers, really is the kind of thing I would never buy for myself but I do love having them in the house and it is such a nice gift.

  3. The flowers are really beautiful, Valerie - Lucky you! I went and checked out the Dear Kyle letter and watched the video. Very COOL!!

  4. HAPPY MOTHER'S Day, Valerie!

    And that's right, I just looked on my calendar and saw that Mother's Day is celebrated today in UK, while here in the US it's in May.

    What a beautiful and happy bouquet of flowers you received! And I love the jug!

    Enjoy your day, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  5. ah that is beautiful...our mothers day is may 11 and we will be celebrating our mothers...and my the colors in that bouquet....i hope you feel honoured today

  6. I know, Ranita. I'm wondering if you have a Mother's Day in your country?

    Mona, I'm glad you liked the Der Kyle letter.

    Ron, my stepdaughter loses track being so far away. Nevertheless she never forgets me.

    Brian, I do feel honoured. Hope when the time comes your wife has the same feeling.

  7. Lovely post Valerie. Mother's Day is still a bit away here.

  8. How lovely Valerie, what a super bouquet from your very thoughtful stepdaughter and her hubby. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

  9. They are so beautiful. I hope to get my mom a house and a daughter-in-law for Mother's Day this year. Still waiting on word for both of them.

  10. I must admit that you made my heart stop. I thought I had missed Mother's Day, but then realized that Mother's Day in the UK falls on a different date than here in the States. Thanks for giving me a start! ;-)

    Oh, and Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  11. You know Valerie I belong to a country where all the festivals of all religions are celebrated with same enthusiasm as we celebrate ours..We celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Eid, we have mother's day, father's day, Valentine's day, Women's day etc etc..In short you name it and we have it..laughs!

  12. Thank you, Mersad

    Denise, they are lovely flowers... in a special position now, of course.

    Thanks, Dan.

    Sorry, Herman. Didn't intend to cause you grief... smiles.

    Ranita, do you ever feel, like us, that there is no end to the amount of celebration days in a year?

  13. Oh how lovely! and what a great vase to keep for other use, afterwards.

    Your mother's day is much earlier there, ours is in May.

    Hugs Val!

  14. Wow...I can only hope the flowers we sent on to The Mum were as gorgeous! Gorgeous and so full of spring. Good choice!

  15. Of course, I missed it... being June now... but Happy 'belated' Mothering Sunday to you anyway. Beautiful flowers, a sweet and thoughtful gift that I'm sure you enjoyed for awhile.


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