31 March 2014


Boy 15 kills young girl by shooting her in the head. 
In this land that doesn’t allow guns how the heck can a young boy get a gun in the first place? And why is there a law that stops the press from naming and shaming kids who kill? What is happening to our society and our youth?

This was the cover story in all our newspapers on the day they made it official. Headline news and lengthy reports that took precedence over the disasters in the world, the missing aeroplane, the mudslides in Washington, the loss of lives in various other parts of the world, yet there we were, ogling the story about Gwyneth and her soon-to-be ex spouse. I despair sometimes.

This did interest me, though. Apparently our government is planning to make it easier to fine firms that hound members of the public with nuisance calls. Read about it here. There is nothing worse than cold calling to private addresses. Those who do it don’t care when or what time they call and will keep trying until someone answers. We don’t... but the continuous ringing drives me nuts. So good luck to the government, I just hope they can remove this pain in the butt once and for all.  

For the first time ever I forgot to alter all the clocks before going to bed. I did remember one at last minute and that’s the radio alarm, not that I needed it since I was wide awake before it went off. Now, after changing the clocks – no matter whether forward or back – I usually wake feeling like a wet lettuce, lifeless and tired and drained of energy. Not this time. Instead I woke feeling full of energy and eager to start the day. Why is that, I wonder? Could it be that the body knew the clocks hadn’t been altered? Does it subconsciously react to change? 
My thanks to my blogging friends who enquire about Joe and who regularly send good wishes. Joe is doing reasonably well with his treatment, although these days he does drop off to sleep more often. I understand that tiredness is one of effects of chemotherapy. Mind you, he’s always been able to doze but now the doze is a full-blown sleep ... and often. I don’t mind since sleep is a healer of minds and now that his medical problems are dragging on he needs sleep more than ever. 

All being well the chemo should be over soon (he’s on his fourth batch) so hopefully other problems can soon be sorted. One of the consultants said his next operation would be end of March/beginning of April but since a couple of treatments had to be missed because of a white blood cell problem it could be April before things start to move. Joe is still philosophical but he is understandably fed up with everything.

Referring to an earlier Titbits report, concerning attitudes of assistants in stores, I have since had another exasperating experience... this time concerning loyalty cards. 

When I bought my birthday outfit the lovely manageress asked me if I had a loyalty card. I explained that I had stopped using one because the staff at this particular store didn’t know what to do when I went back to spend my vouchers. Nonsense, she said, and went on to persuade me that I would get a good rebate on the item just bought. She was right; I got £80 back, by voucher. What joy! It meant I could almost buy another outfit or at last half of one.

So I toddled off to spent my £80.

First thing that caught my eye was a lightweight lacy jacket that was a perfect match for the birthday outfit, priced at £79. Putting it mildly, I was over the moon at the thought of acquiring the item free of charge.
I took the garment and, clutching my voucher, approached a young assistant. She, of course, didn’t know what to do with it. Hadn’t I known that all along? Off she went to find a supervisor on the next floor. The young lady from Lingerie came to talk to me. It seems the other girl was new (just my luck) and there were only the two of them on the entire floor which houses *reckoning up* at least twelve franchises.

At the time of my visit the escalator was out of order and the stairs were blocked off. The only way up or down was via the stationary escalator and we all know how difficult it is to walk on them! Consequently it took quite a long time for the girl to go down and find a supervisor. After twenty minutes I got rattled and started to rant. I won’t repeat what I said but safe to say it was less than ladylike. The girl from Lingerie was extremely sympathetic and tried to ring down to the supervisor... but just then the new girl appeared. 30 minutes altogether with no-one to talk to and nowhere to sit.
I didn’t get the jacket. The story was that they couldn’t decide what to do about the odd £1. Remember ... I was offering an £80 voucher for a £79 garment. They should have asked me, I would have told them.... just call the jacket £80 and have done with it. The reason I didn’t get the jacket was because I was too disgusted to deal with it, plus the fact that I had been kept waiting, in isolation, for half an hour. Cut off nose to spite face comes to mind, but quite honestly I was in no mood to cope with it any longer. Anyway, I have until 2015 to spend the voucher!
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  1. Thank you for the update on Joe, he has often been in my thoughts. Please say hello to him and give him a hug from me. A very interesting post Valerie, so many things that are going on in the world I despair of. With this instant connection we are always aware whereas before we were in blissful ignorance, however blissful that might have been. I felt your frustration over that voucher. I truly hope you get to spend it one day soon.

  2. I right there with ya on the use of vouchers or coupons! Sometimes, I think the stores should train their help better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Joe.

  3. ha of course they know what to do with vouchers....oy...i think you need to find that manageress...thanks for the update on joe...and i hope the treatements and the upcoming surgery go well....

  4. Yes Valerie, can you believe what the media focusing on as being one of their TOP stories?! Unbelievable.

    Here in the U.S. they now allow solicitors to call your cell phone as well as your home phone. But years ago, they were forbidden to contact you via your cell phone. But I suppose because everyone mostly has a cell phone now, and no longer a landline (except for me), they have to allow it.

    Thank you for the update on Joe. Please tell him that he is always in my meditations and prayers.

    "The reason I didn’t get the jacket was because I was too disgusted to deal with it, plus the fact that I had been kept waiting, in isolation, for half an hour. Cut off nose to spite face comes to mind, but quite honestly I was in no mood to cope with it any longer."

    I would felt the same way. I would have just walked out.

    Have a great week, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  5. Brian, I will find the manageress... you bet...

    Mona, I agree with you. Assistant training should be done at the outset, instead of waiting for things to go wrong.

  6. Denise, Joe will probably read your greeting. I will spend the voucher one day and report back... grins.

  7. Ron, I did walk out... as I got the voucher back. I snatched it out of the girl's hand and then legged it.

    That's interesting about the solicitors calls, I think the same applied to the medics at one time. I don't like it when they ring and the call number is withheld. I get so irritated by that.

  8. What a frustration with the shop...I still don't know what I get with my Walgreens seems nothing. Poor Gweneth she is having a bad time of it. She opened her big mouth recently how, she works 14 hour days and thought those with 9-5 regular jobs have it better. She sure heard about that.

  9. You take on the trivialization of the news is right on. Gweneth is a very fine actress but her marital status as front page news....?

  10. Curious if you've seen this article about a possible cancer cure:

    It seems they're making some great progress on this, and I can only hope that the human trial in 2014 are a success!

  11. Oh Val .. how do you really feel about nuisance calls ?? Such a funny lady.

    Thanks for the update.. such a long process.

  12. Herman, thanks for the link. It sounds as if in the near future there could be a total cure. Fingers crossed!

    Troutbuilder, I can never sort out why the media thinks we need to know about other people's marital problems.

  13. Oh for goodness sake what is wrong with shops these days? They really should train their staff properly. You should write to the Head Office and complain. Glad to hear Joe is coping, I hope his operation takes place soon and goes well. xx

  14. Pearl, it isn't what it used to be, that's for sure. It seems employers don't only teach the basics. Thanks for your good wishes, I have passed them on.

  15. The two of you are ALWAYS in my prayers. It's physically and emotionally draining on everyone. He naps, you take a break. It's tempting to use the nap time to try to 'catch up'....take the break anyway. LOL...the store clerks will love you for it!! ;-) (...kidding mostly!!) Hahaha


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