11 August 2013

Sunday Scenes

These pictures were taken during a journey to see our son. We couldn't travel the normal route because all tunnels in Birmingham were closed for renovation, consequently we found ourselves in districts that we haven't passed through in many years. All the pictures were taken through the car window and I have no idea what most of them are. 

I believe this monstrous piece of equipment is used for tarring the road
I remember walking this road as a child ... that was before cars hit the road with a vengeance!
Self explanatory!

Always nice to see a Hummer!
The full length of this building was like a long train
or maybe three oversized coaches joined together.

This building seemed to reach the sky. I could only get a section of it from the car window.

We waited!

Notice the words 'suicide' and 'safeside' ... an interesting warning!


  1. Great pics Val! Hope you had a nice trip. :<)

  2. Blogger is acting silly again, I'll try once more...

    Great pics Val, I hope it was a lovely trip. :<)

  3. Both comments came through okay, Geraldine. I included both to prove that statement. It was a lovely trip, thank you, but would have been better if we didn't have to travel all round the houses to get there. Still, it provided a so-called photo

  4. Valerie, do you know what I like about these photos? You shared such a wonderful diversity. I love that the architecture is a both modern and historical.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 9th photo from the bottom - the one of the clock tower. Awesome perspective!!!!

    "Notice the words 'suicide' and 'safeside' ... an interesting warning!"

    OMG...that's HILARIOUS!

    Thanks for sharing your journey, dear lady. Thoroughly enjoyed!

    Happy Sunday....X

  5. Ron, the various buildings were a surprise to me... I had no idea there were so MANY mosques etc. The modern architecture was bewildering. I'm old school, therefore I prefer the old style.... the old clock tower in particular.

  6. What an interesting array of pictures. The long way around can be very interesting.

  7. oo i love the towers...the clock tower especially....the gold dome as well....the clock tower is def my fav though....

  8. I loved these photos, especially the clock tower. The buildings have so much character. Hope you had a nice visit with your son.

  9. Awesome architecture! It's amazing the variety if styles in your part of the world. Over here it's strictly stucco and buildings by committee. It's sad, really...

  10. I want to take another road trip now.I have been way too busy lately.

  11. You got some interesting shots through the car window Valerie. :)

  12. Terrific photos! You saw a lot of different things to photograph!

  13. Good variety!
    I like the one with the gold dome and also the clock tower.


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