08 August 2013


Isn’t it great when a bit of humour appears out of nothing? Quite often I will send reminder notes to myself by email. With a memory like mine it’s a dependable way of making sure I don’t forget something important plus the fact that it’s faster than trying to find pen and paper. Occasionally, if I find something on the internet that I think would interest Joe I send him a link by email. Recently though, when one of the emails didn’t arrive on his iPad I went back on line to search for it. Could I find it? Could I heck! At that point Joe made the comment that it ‘shouldn’t have lost its way, after all I’m only in the next room.’ Droll or what? He’s quite a comic on the quiet.
Do you ever have spiders on the bedroom ceiling? If so, does it worry you? Can you sleep if there’s one hovering above you? I had one visit me the other night. It hung down on a thread then scurried back up. After a few seconds it tried again but when I sneezed the silly arachnid took fright and went back to the safety of the ceiling.  Or so he thought. What he hadn’t reckoned on was my ability to get out of bed and fetch a long-handled duster from the next room. It must have seen me coming because he scarpered the minute I went back in the room and now I’m wondering exactly where he is..............
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I had to take Joe to the hospital for tests the other day for an appointment at 19.00 hours. While he was being seen to I stayed in a little waiting room shared by a nurse/receptionist, who was on the phone the whole time.  Her one-sided conversation was fascinating. The person she was talking to, known to us listeners as Darlin’, had obviously missed an appointment and was trying to get another one for that day. The nurse explained that the department closed at 20.00 hours and pointed out that the journey would take too long and by the time she/he got there they would have all gone home. She offered to fix another appointment for next day but Darlin’ obviously didn’t want that.

To us that would be enough of an explanation, but to Darlin’ it was obviously a big problem and she/he kept repeating the request for an appointment that evening. Well, the nurse went all round the globe trying to explain but Darlin’ just couldn’t get it. Eventually, a nursing sister arrived and took over the phone, and the listeners were treated to yet another extensive one-sided discourse with the same things being explained over and over again. Their attitude and patience over that twenty minute period and the way they treated the patient was incredible and I got to wondering how many people, in this day and age, would be as tolerant? If medals could be handed out I’d give one each to those remarkable nurses.

With Google Reader on the way out I joined both FEEDLY and BLOGLOVIN just in case Google removed my blogroll as well. So far, so good with the blogroll although I have noticed one or two hiccups in recent days. Normally I just click on the blog title and get straight in but once or twice certain blogs have been missing in action  from the list. I found them by visiting Bloglovin!

I have to admit that I didn’t get on well with Feedly (couldn’t get the hang of it) so made Bloglovin the main one. Having found the blogs I wanted I went on a visit, via Bloglovin. No problem, that is until I tried to leave a comment and found I couldn’t. I got round it by copy/pasting the blog’s URL but it was a bit inconvenient. All is well on Bloglovin today though, comments could be left, but it just shows that it’s not only Google that occasionally backfires. I have yet to check the blogroll.

Now for a bit of macabre humour:

I have just completed my funeral plan at the funeral parlour and what a laugh that has provided. I thought it would be a gloomy thing to do but it was just the opposite. I now have to think what I want to wear on the big day and if I want people to visit. Gosh, a visit means having a decent coffin and best clothes, doesn’t it? I’m a bit proud, you know, I don’t want people to think I hadn’t bothered about appearances.
In discussion with the person arranging my plan I was asked what music I wanted. I chose West Life’s ‘You Lift Me Up’ on entry and ‘Always Look On The Bright Side of Life’ at the end because I want people to go out smiling. One thing that made me feel good was a suggestion she made to me. I had given her my ‘profile’... you know the sort of thing, where I worked and why ... and she remarked on the bit about achievements. So I told her about the story that won the Lady Denman Cup... A Man In My Life. She asked to read it.... and the upshot of that is that she thinks it should also be read out at the Crem. If that’s not an honour, I don’t know what is. For obvious reasons I won’t be able to let you know how it goes.... grins.

Oh well, that’s enough stuff for today. I don’t want to bore you to death ... especially if you haven’t ‘done a plan’.


  1. Those were funny scraps. Too bad for Darlin'. Wonder if he ever got an appointment.

  2. Val, you are such a wonder! I love your upbeat take on making plans for your final farewell!!! Talk about a sunny disposition. Love it!

    In the meantime, you've got a lotta livin' to do! And thanks for sharing with us along the way.

    Lots of hugs, G

  3. ha. good on you for making your plan...and i am glad it gave you a laugh...i think we should actually...ha on the email not making it room to room....

  4. Good for you to be making the plans and getting things sorted through. And good for everyone else, yaknow.

    But that spider deal--couldn't ya just capture him and free him? Ohhhhh.... Maybe that was the plan and he didn't know it! :-)

  5. Rae, I wondered that myself.

    Geraldine, I promise to keep on living for a while... grins.

    Brian, when you think about it there's no point in being sad about the inevitable.

    Mel, the main idea about preparing a plan is to make it easier for those left behind.

  6. "At that point Joe made the comment that it ‘shouldn’t have lost its way, after all I’m only in the next room.’"

    Cracked me up, Valerie!!!

    And hey, that's a great idea as a reminder to yourself. What I do is usually call the voice mail on my home phone and leave myself a message!

    I agree, I am not liking Feedly. I also joined Bloglovin, but have not yet imported my feeds. I think I may do that today because it sounds like a much better option.

    And good for you for making your funeral plan. I remember doing that with my mother; preparing for hers last July when I went home to visit. And like you said, she and I actually had an enjoyable time doing it. In fact, we were even LAUGHING.

    Fun post, dear lady!


  7. Ron, if I used the phone as a reminder I would forget it as soon as I put the phone down. With email I can at least leave it on the computer.

    You are right, there are some funny moments when preparing a plan. In the last couple of weeks I have entertained quite a few folk with the ideas I have for leaving day... grins.

  8. Yes you did have a variety of subjects today. I like the sending of notes to yourself. I could use that on many days. Fun post today as usual.

  9. I really enjoyed your blog today.If I am left behind could you plan to take your mobile phone and laptop with you so as to shed some light on the next world and perhaps send a weekly blog to cheer me up like you do now.xx

  10. Lol, Joe.... I'll put it in the plan!

  11. Thanks, Larry. Yes sending a note to yourself is the best way, especially if your memory is like mine ... useless!

  12. Very funny, Val. I cam in from mowing the yard and got my chuckles for the day!

  13. Darlin' .. you are such a funny lady.
    love your wit . Need more of that
    across the pond.

    Have a great weekend !!

  14. Ah, making plans for your own funeral, eh? That's always smart, and gives you a chance to really think about the message you want to covey as they're lowering you into your final resting place. Love your choice of "Always look at the bright side of life". Being a Python fan that brought a huge smile to my face!

  15. I see you chose an Australian spider, a red back.... one of our poisonous ones that hide in the garden. Don't tell Dad....

  16. Rosanne, I won't breathe a word. Will let you know the reaction if and when your comment is seen. Hmm just be careful in your garden.. smiles.

  17. Herman, that song is very popular here for playing at funerals... grins.

  18. Our spiders are quite peaceful and quiet and... most important, non-poisonous! :-) I don't mind them, really and they keep the flies and other creepy-crawlies away.

    Greetings from London.

  19. You never fail to make me smile Valerie :)

  20. p.s. the flowers dropped off after a night of rain.

  21. A Cuban in London: hi, nice to meet you. Most times I don't mind spiders for the reasons you mentioned. However, I do not care for them dangling in my face while I sleep.... smiles.

  22. Hi Denise, I aim to please.... grins.

  23. Hi ya Val. I think you made excellent choices for your final hurrah. I hope you have no more spider problems because that is scary at least to me. Not a big fan of those guys. Have a great weekend.


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