17 August 2013


As close as  I could get
Turn your back on me, would you?
The one that got away, or a blackbird in hiding!
Nothing like a nice clean blackbird!

Butterfly who stayed long enough for a long shot!
Two white butterflies outside bedroom window.
One stationary on a leaf, the other kept bombarding it.
Methinks they were mating or something. 
Not easy taking these shots through a lace covered window while balancing on a bed!
Dirty boy! Look at the muck on that deck!
Canada Geese aren't the cleanest birds in the world.

Mrs Chaffinch, scoffing!
Rare Sighting of a collared Dove
Coot in a sea of ripples! 
An unusual shot of swans, don't ask me which effect I used!
Different again!


  1. Those are great photos. I especially like the bird splashing in the bird bath. They are fun to watch.

  2. Ah, a busy day with the camera for you! I had to laugh at the lengths you went to, catching those flutterbys. And that last photo--excellent! :-)

  3. ha. that blackbird hiding is cute....just the tail sticking out...smiles....some cool pics val

  4. Wonderful photos Valerie, you got some great nature shots!

  5. Valerie, what GREAT shots!

    And I loved your narratives...

    "Turn your back on me, would you?"

    HAHAHHAAHA! How funny!

    The photos of the blackbird taking a bath are AWESOME! Great captures!

    And I also love the one of the Coot in a sea of ripples. Beautiful!

    Well done, dear lady!

    Happy Saturday to you!


  6. Oh I so enjoyed those nature shots! Thanks!

  7. Hi Brian, I couldn't resist keeping the one of the blackbird's tail... grins.

  8. Good afternoon, Ron. I should have mentioned that the blackbird has been with us two, maybe three years now. We always know him because he has a deformed wing. Fortunately, it doesn't stop him flying. Yes, I also like the one of the coot amongst the ripples.

  9. You always surprise with the variety of photo subjects you post, Val! Nice job! Love that bathing blackbird.

  10. Thanks for your comment about the photo of the rose on my weblog.
    Blackbirds are my favourite visitors to our garden. The male of our resident family has one or two white feathers in his left wing like a go-faster strip.
    Excellent photographs.

  11. Great shot of the bird bath ...
    I have caught ours 'in use' once...
    now mostly just the squirrels use
    it for drinking or launching at the
    nearby feeders.

    Happy weekend Val !!

  12. Oh what a lovely collection of nature shots Val. I like the bird bath one most of all!

    Thanks for sharing these and happy weekend, G

  13. Thanks, Geraldine. The bathing blackbird seems to be the favourite.

  14. Hi Elliot, I believe the 'white feather' condition is known as albinoism, either inherited or caused by other factors.

  15. Great work with the pictures. Your camera takes wonderful pictures even close ups.


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