04 March 2012

Monday Mirth

In honour of the great Irish comedian Frank Carson who recently passed away


  1. Had to love Fran Carson! MWM was sit ting on Blackpool Pier years ago when Frank passed and said "Good Morning" to him - he's still talking about it!LOL

  2. heh, these guys look as funny as they sounds...smiles.

  3. *laughing*

    I'm amused at the fact that while I LIVE with an Englishman--I could barely understand what some of these fellas were saying!

    Once he-who-requires-more-sleep has awakened, I'll make him translate. LOLOL

  4. Pearl, so would I if Frank had spoken to

    Brian, perhaps that's what makes them funny!

    Mel, it's in the (sometimes exaggerated) dialect.

  5. EXCELLENT Monday Mirth, Valerie!

    Laughed my butt off!

    I've never heard of Frank Carson, so thank you for sharing his talent!

    Happy Monday, dear lady!


  6. I agree, they look as funny as they sound! Hilarious, Val. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ron, Frank Carson got better as he got older... Oooh I should say funnier.

  8. What a wonderful comedian he was. Can't think of a better tribute than to be able to laugh at his humor. Thanks Valerie.

  9. thanks for posting the video..
    had seen the obit on the BBC website
    and now I have a face to connect with
    the info.

  10. "Is the doctor in?
    "Yes, he's practicing."
    "In that case I'll come back when he's perfect.", love the quick delivery with these guys. Thanks for the Monday mirth!!!

  11. Jenny, it must be wonderful to stay funny right to the end.


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