02 March 2012

Book Review

I have just finished reading this book. It didn't take long because of its unputdownable quality. I wonder if the film was as enjoyable.
Quoting from the book: “Enter a vanished world of Jackson, Mississippi 1962, where black maids raise white children but aren’t trusted not to steal the silver.”
Aaibileen, raises her 17th child whilst still hurting after the death of her own son.
Minnie cooks for her white mistress.
Miss Skeeter, a white young woman, wants to know what happened to the maid who raised her.
Against all odds the three get together and gradually start to overcome boundaries. They have a remarkable story to tell.
This is a gripping book that stirs the emotions. I felt anger at the injustices towards black people; I was shocked and ashamed by the prejudice but laughed at the humour portrayed by the writer. Kathryn Stockett told the story as if it was happening in real life, right before my eyes. I thoroughly recommend it, it is a brilliant read and thoroughly engrossing.


  1. I love this type of genre. Educating, and insightful.

    I really loved reading The Street by Ann Petry.
    Set and written in the 40s about a struggling single mother in Harlem and her constant battle, again, like your book, it's heartbreaking and telling of the injustices that the black community of the time had to endure. It's raw, and reading word by word really puts you in the shoes of the characters.

    The Help is on my library list, thank you.

  2. I hadn't heard of The Street, Martha. I will certainly hunt it out. In fact, I'll do it now.

  3. It's on my list of 'to read'!

    And I've heard very good things about the film.

  4. Hi Valerie,

    It's amazing how a few hours to kill in a confined space(i.e. airplane) can get one reading again.
    My cousin handed it to me to keep me occupied last year. Though I did not finish it, it was both a lighthearted and a realistic look at the diffiulties of African-American women in years past.

    A must read.

    Happy weekend.

  5. I shall have to read it. I just finished reading "Waiting For White Horses", and am now reading "The Great Penguin Rescue."

  6. oh this is an excellent book...and movie...def highly recommended from me...

  7. OMG how ironic, Valerie! I don't know if you noticed, but I have a film clip from the movie, The Help, on my sidebar this week. What a faaaaaaabulous movie it is. The cast is brilliant! And I was amazed to discover how much wonderful humor was blended throughout the seriousness of this topic.

    Now, I've got to read the book!

    Thanks for sharing this great review, dear lady!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!


  8. Brian, I shall definitely get the dvd so I can see the film.

    Ron, I didn't see the film clip on your sidebar; goodness I think I must go round with my eyes shut. Popping over to Amazon right now to order the dvd.

    Hi Barb, I'm wondering why you didn't finish the book. I notice Amazon book prices have gone sky high ... higher than the local book stores. Kindle editions are much, much cheaper.

  9. I really loved the book "The Help" and went to see the film with some trepidation - but it was a perfect
    interpretation and my friend and I loved it. Can def. recommend. x

  10. That sounds like a book I would enjoy.

  11. Hi ChrisB, thanks for your comment. I am looking forward to sering the movie. It's always good to hear what others think.

  12. You'll enjoy the movie too! I want to read the book.

  13. I have never known a film to be as good as a book.

  14. Hope you do get hold of it, Pearl.

    Thanks, Banker Chick, I've put the dvd on order, awaiting release.

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The movie was also very good. I think you'll like it.

  16. Now with your glowing recommendation, I really should get this one. So many people have recommended it to me.


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